Hiring Tips: Getting the Most Out of Freelancers

Hiring freelancers can be a unique alternative to full or part-time employees when your budget is tight, but your company needs an extra hand. Learn how to find the best freelancers and build strong relationships with them.

Is your business booming? Do you need extra helping meeting the day to day demands? Are you leery of hiring a full or part-time employee because the demands and trends are unpredictable? Would you like to hire help without increasing your overhead dramatically? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you can start working with freelancers to reduce pressure and meet business objectives.

Hiring freelancers is a great way to save money because it reduces overhead costs associated with advertising and hiring for a full or part-time position. You also do not have to manage the costs associated with benefits or employment taxes. Freelancers are flexible and often able to meet demands when you need them most. When you want to hire freelance, it’s important to build relationships with reliable and talented individuals. The following tips will make hiring freelancers a simple and effective process:

  • Search online for the best talent and the lowest prices.

    The internet is a great tool for hiring freelancers. Expand your search beyond the local geographic area if the work you are proposing is appropriate for outsourcing or telecommuting. If your search is broad, you’ll find that the interested candidates will come from diverse backgrounds and boast strong skill sets. With more candidates to choose from, you’ll be able to negotiate a lower rate when you hire freelance.

  • Prepare a specific project with detailed instructions and a firm deadline.

    While you may not always be able to give freelancers this degree of detail, the first project should be clearly defined. It’s no use hiring a talented freelancer and then neglecting to provide them with a challenging project. Once you decide to hire freelance, you need to make sure the quantity and quality of work available will be sufficient to keep the individual busy.

  • Keep in touch via phone and/or email when working with freelancers.

    If you are hiring freelancers who are working offsite, it is important to maintain an open line of communication. This ensures that the person you have hired is involve and actively engaged with the project, and it affords opportunities for question and answer sessions as needed.

  • Be considerate and respectful of freelancers’ time.

    Freelancers have other clients and responsibilities besides the work you are giving them. When hiring freelancers, don’t abuse their flexibility and adaptability. Be respectful of their time and energy. Avoid the following as much as possible:

    • Changing deadlines
    • Adding to a project scope when it is already in progress
    • Asking for additional services at no extra charge
    • Asking for same day or 24-hour turnaround
    • Calling late at night or early in the morning

Working with freelancers can be a liberating experience that will save your small business a great deal of money and time. Value your relationships when you hire freelance the same as you would with regular full or part-time employees. Devote adequate time, energy and resources to hiring freelancers that are an ideal match for the scope of your work and the culture of your company.

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