Your Peripheral Staff

I brought my car into the dealership for a check-up. While I was strolling through the showroom I heard the receptionist complaining to a courier about the dealership. It was a conversation between two people about the classic complaints that working folk have. Unfortunately, it was loud enough to be heard by other people standing around. And my jaw dropped when the receptionist said “I wouldn't buy anything from this dealership.”

Later, I was standing outside and my car was driven around to me from the shop. They had cleaned it and I thanked the guy who brought the car. I asked him how his day was going and he said it was the same as usual… but included two profanities in his short sentence.

I don't want to come across as prudish but I do want to underscore the necessity of professionalism even among peripheral staff. Although the salespeople and service writers in this dealership were polished and professional, customers still deal with the peripheral staff. So, in a sense, there are no peripheral staff members, they are all in customer service.

Does your peripheral staff possess the abilities and polish you expect of your sales staff?

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