10 Technology Tricks That Will Boost Your Work Productivity

Knowing which apps to use can save you a lot of time. Here are 10 free applications and extensions that will boost your work productivity.
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Technology and productivity should conventionally always go together. After all, a vast amount of modern technology has been purely invented to push human productivity towards northwards. But if not for the lack of human wisdom, ‘technology’ would not have turned into a Frankenstein monster that incessantly preys on human productivity.

To understand that technology has been indeed invented for the good of mankind, we need a constant reminder and this article serves the same purpose. By revealing 10 amazing technology hacks for boosting work productivity, in this article we will speak about the never-ending debate over whether technology is a boon or bane.

1. Using Internet Explorer for Mac

Today using Internet Explorer for Mac still continues to hold some sway over the browsing market. The reason for its unlikely subsistence largely boils down to a minority community of coders & developers who continue to repose faith on this browser for professional purposes.

If you indeed happen to be a coder or developer and want to use Internet Explorer on your Mac, then this is very much possible. No, you don’t have to take the trouble of doing boot camp. All you have to do is download the Remote Internet Explorer software. It allows users to access the latest version of Internet Explorer on all operating systems including Mac OS and iOS. The only catch is that Remote Internet Explorer comes with some limitations and restrictions.

2. Use Those Free Applications and Extensions

You’ll be simply amazed that there is so much free stuff hankering around the online world that can help in firing up your productivity. A simple Google search will throw tons of results on free applications and extensions that are purely designed for workaholics.  However, since there might be too many free applications and extensions out there, you will have to take the trouble of filtering out and choosing the best amongst them.

Just to give you a hint, today there are free applications and extensions available for managing your email, appointments, taking screenshots, improving grammar, etc. This is merely a tip of the iceberg as this list can be long.

3. Take the Help of Virtual Assistants

Those great virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are not merely fancy stuff meant for social media bragging. They are meant for adding a great deal of value to your life, personally as well as professionally. When it comes to the latter, Siri and Alexa can help in shooting up your work productivity as it can assist you in getting your must-do list, giving a reminder about forthcoming appointments/meetings, facilitate making phone calls and sending texts and much more.

4. Utilize the Power of Cloud Computing

Today cloud computing technology is too mainstream to ignore it and not utilizing its unfettered benefits is akin to doing injustice to your work. If you’re still confused about cloud computing, then think about Google Drive and Dropbox. These two services (especially the latter one) help in cloud storing your files and make sharing your files immensely simple. We all know in today’s digital world seamless storing and sharing files is so critical, and therefore leveraging this great technology is no more optional, it’s a mandatory action.

5. Turn Google Into a Digital Clock

You can indeed turn Google into a clock and consequently use it for setting a timer for any specific task. Just type ‘set a timer’ and a digital watch will pop up on your screen. This may appear to be a too basic thing for many people but then how many people knew that they can easily turn Google into a digital watch.

6. Use Automation Tools

Today automation tools are available for everything: sales, marketing, API testing, social media, small businesses, python, desktop applications, etc. These automation tools help you reach your targets faster and make you understand several important metrics with regards to your business. Yes, most of them charge monthly fees but they are worth the investment.

7. Turn Your Phone Into a Scanner

There are many people who still don’t know that they can turn their smartphones into a professional scanner. Well, smartphones are not called smart for anything you know. Coming to the point, there are tons of smartphone applications that can scan any document instantly. It spares you from the inconvenience of visiting a cybercafé.

8. Keep Your Antivirus Updated

It might come as a surprise to many that many professional people out there still do not bother about keeping their anti-virus updated and eventually pay a heavy price.

In time and age when the Internet has become an integral part of work-life, the dangers of viruses & bugs are always lurking to pose a huge threat to all those critical files stored in our laptops & desktops. Therefore, keeping your antivirus updated is a familiar yet important hack that no one should miss.

9. Keep Your Phone Switched Off or In Silent Mode

We know that our average work productivity has gone down ever since smartphones become a dominant part of our lives. A cursory glance over our obsessive relationship with smartphones today can easily convince us that the findings of this survey can’t be disputed. It is an indisputable fact that our compulsive relationship with smartphones has become a major hindrance to our work life.

10. Do Not Forget to Use Those Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are Mac user or Windows user, keyboard shortcuts are the simplest way of getting most out of your OS. But again, the surprising thing is that even today most working professionals are not aware of shortcut keys. It can make their work-life so much easier. Shortcut keys not only help in saving your precious time but also sometimes add needed sharpness to your final output.

Doing some research on shortcut keys that can improve your productivity in leaps and bounce.

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