10 Ways to Treat Yourself While Sticking to Your Budget

You have to decompress to stay creative. Here are some inexpensive and free things you can do to treat yourself for all the hard work that you do.
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Building a business isn’t easy. If you are trying to save money and don’t have a lot of funds to spare when it comes to treating yourself, don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to add a touch of luxury to your life without breaking the bank.

You have to allow yourself time to decompress to stay creative and energized to maintain the millionaire mindset. Here are some inexpensive and free things you can do to treat yourself for all the hard work that you do.

1. Buy a latte and a bite to eat at your local coffee shop

Although many financial advice blogs and articles tell you to cut out buying coffee from your budget, there’s nothing wrong with going to your local coffee shop, buying your favorite treats, and enjoying them while sitting at a table while reading, working, or simply people watching and enjoying the ambiance.

2. Buy your groceries at a farmers market

You have to buy groceries anyways – why not spice it up by heading to a farmers market and supporting your local community? Farmers markets include fresh produce from local farms as well as baked goods, coffee, hot sauce, and more. While they have a reputation as being expensive, this is not always true and you may be able to find some great deals while also purchasing high quality food.

3. Get a library card

Library cards are completely free, and you get access to books, movies, video games, audiobooks, and other forms of media. Some libraries even integrate with apps like Libby which allow you to rent digital copies of books and read them without leaving your house. Some libraries even offer classes or events such as weekly yoga or free passes to local museums.

4. Allow yourself to binge watch a new show on Netflix without any interruptions

Make sure you’ve taken care of anything important and time sensitive and then turn your phone to “Do Not Disturb”. Grab your favorite snacks and drinks and relax on your couch while wearing your favorite comfy clothes. Treat yourself to a marathon of a show or movie series until you get bored and allow yourself to turn off your brain and just enjoy the moment.

5. Browse Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor

If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture or home decor, spend some time browsing online to see if anyone has something they’re getting rid of that fits what you’re looking for. The hunt can be fun and finding the perfect piece can give you a rush! And afterwards you’re left with a cool item that you got for a great deal.

6. Try out that hobby you bought supplies for ages ago but never got around to using

Many people find themselves buying craft supplies they’re excited about but aren’t able to follow through due to time or energy constraints. Give yourself an afternoon where you can use those products and create something fun to treat yourself. If you don’t already have supplies but have a project in mind, you can head to a craft store and get a starter kit for many projects which will give you everything you need to get started.

7. Head to a midday movie by yourself

Some people may not enjoy seeing a movie by themselves, but you should try to treat yourself to it at least once. The freedom of going to see whatever movie you want, sitting wherever you want, and enjoying the moment without worrying about anyone else can be supremely satisfying. Many theaters offer significant deals for early showings and some have special discounts on certain days. For example, some theaters will sell tickets for the first showing of the day of each movie at 50% off and some others offer $2 tickets on Tuesdays.

You could also sign up for a service like Regal Unlimited if you really love movies – it costs just under $50 for three months of unlimited movies and you can see most standard releases as often as you want with no additional fees or IMAX releases for a few extra dollars.

8. Hire a cleaning service for your house or car

This is probably the most expensive item on this list at $100-$250 but if it fits into your “treat yourself” budget, it can make a huge difference. Hire a cleaning service to come and deep clean your house or take your car to get detailed. While you can totally clean yourself, the chance to relax and have someone else take care of stuff for you can make a big difference in your life and it can make your space feel brand new!

9. Change up your scenery

If you live in the city, spend a night or two in a cabin or yurt located in the woods or further out in nature. If you experience the outdoors on a regular basis, consider booking an Airbnb or historic hotel in a nearby town or city. Vacations that are filled with activities and expensive meals are definitely a good time, but you can simply spend some time experiencing a new location for what it is. 

10. Give yourself a day off

Schedule a day to do nothing. It sounds simple, but in a world as busy as the one we live in, it’s rare to get a day with absolutely no responsibilities and requirements. Wake up whenever you want and then spend the day relaxing and doing things that are purely for fun and your own enjoyment. It’s a way to treat yourself to a day full of sunshine.

While treating yourself is important, financial responsibility is important as well! But you don’t have to choose. Whether you are working on paying off a personal or business loan or saving for an exciting big purchase, you can always find cheap and free ways to have fun and make memories.

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