8 of the Best Resources for Small Business

best resources for small business

Thanks to the Great Resignation, the small business industry is booming. In fact, the USA is now home to more entrepreneurs than ever before. So, when it comes to succeeding, there are resources you can use to make the journey just a little easier.

Here is our list of the top 8 of the best resources for small business.

1. Small Business Administration

From grants and loans to free educational resources to help you get ahead. They offer many resources, training, and counseling to help you succeed.

They can also help you connect with experienced mentors. If you’re approved for a loan, SBA usually offers lower interest rates and favorable loan terms, even for the smallest of startups.


Coined as the nation’s largest network of volunteer business experts, it is an excellent resource for business owners of all types.

To date, there are more than 10,000 expert volunteers and more than 300 chapters to help you make smarter decisions when making investments or expanding your business. There are also an enormous selection of financial planning and marketing templates free of charge.

3. MIT

For small business owners looking to further their education by signing up for MIT. MIT offers a variety of collegiate-level courses to help improve your business know how.

There are plenty of audio and video lectures, in addition to written assignments you can complete as well.

4. Business USA

Regardless of what entrepreneurial route you’re on, this is one resource you’ll want to bookmark. It’s home to a wealth of valuable information about defeat grants, loans, mentoring, minority-owned businesses, and financial education.

No matter if you are creating a business online or a traditional brick and mortar shop you can benefit from this resource greatly. 

5. Investing Online

Online is a hub for many valuable resources where you can watch free webinars about investing, in both real estate and stock, both of which are a hot commodity right now. You can also find free information from industry experts in just about every niche.

If you’re looking to invest in rental property, you might wonder which is best, stocks vs real estate. Since investing in stocks can be risky, you might want to learn more about how lucrative rental property investments can be, and how to get started. You can find a lot of useful information about building a diversified rental portfolio.

6. Zoho One

With so many moving parts, you need all the major components of your business in one place. Zoho One keeps everything in one place, including sales, marketing, finances and payments.

As you bring on more employees, you can expand its functionality. They also offer different payment options as well to accommodate growing startups.

7. HelloSign

Regardless of which endeavor you’re involved in; you need a way to sign documents. HelloSign makes it easy to sign and send documents online. You can pay as you go or opt for a monthly payment plan. If you’re just starting out, HelloSign offers a set number of free sign and sends to test out the service.

8. QuickBooks

Unless you plan on having an outside accountant manage your finances, you need quality accounting software. QuickBooks gives detailed reporting, and cash flow tracking. All plans offered by QuickBooks let you store up to five years.

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