When Faster, Smarter, Harder Is Not Enough by Kathryn D. Cramer

Someone recommended to me a copy of Cramer's book, published in 2002. They suggested the book as part of a conversation I was in regarding the challenge of owners of established and growing small businesses who find themselves up against a wall: too busy to take on more clients but not busy enough to hire someone else.

I was hoping the solution would be in When Faster, Smarter, Harder is Not Enough. The book, subtitled “Six steps for achieving what you want in a rapid-fire world” seemed to be exactly the kind of book I was interested in reading on the topic. Unfortunately, when I completed the book, I wasn't sure that I came away with any practical, actionable items.

The author's six steps include such ideas as outrageous optimism, building momentum, and leveraging success… good concepts! And she contrasts the idea of Faster, Smarter, Harder (which are not enough to get more done) with the ideas of Richer, Deeper, Wiser… supposedly a new outlook on life.

Perhaps I went into the book expecting something different than what was delivered. The book was still a good and it dealt with perennially timely topics like goal setting, optimism, motivation, and strategic alliances… all critical to an entrepreneur's success. But it is definitely a book about higher-level concepts… more of a what-is rather than a how-to.

If you are looking for a detailed step-by-step how-to approach to solving the growing business dilemma, you'll have to keep looking. If you're sick of the workday grind and want a fresh perspective, this is the book for you.

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