4 Tips to stay safe online

Our digital ecosystem is a dangerous place where cyber criminals take advantage of those who are not to savvy to take their money or personal data.

While the internet has already become the most common environment for almost every single person in the world, this digital ecosystem is a dangerous place where cyber criminals take advantage of those who are not to savvy to take their money or personal data.

Sites like payback-ltd.com that will help getting this situation solved, there are many other kinds of issues that will only be solved if you take the proper measures. This way, in order to enhance your experience on the internet, here are some tips to stay safe online.

Keep your privacy settings activated

Naturally, this one is a must considering that the cornerstone of every hacker is its interest of knowing all the details about you. In fact, just like marketers do, these persons can learn the most substantial information by checking your social media usage and browsing.

In order to prevent this from happening, all you need to do is to activate the privacy settings that you can find on mobile operating systems and browsers. In fact, even some social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter offer the privacy-enhancing settings.

While this option is generally hard to find, considering that all companies want to use your data for marketing purposes, almost every site has these settings.

All you need to do is take a good look until you find it, and then activate it.

Always know what you’re downloading

One of the common denominators about the internet is the existence of certain files that open a Pandora Box once you download them. And with Pandora Box, I mean a lot of viruses.

The reason why hackers put a virus on a certain file or app is essentially to steal your personal data. Take into consideration that the only goal of every single cyber criminal is to illegally get the maximum amount of information in order to steal money or blackmail the user in question.

Basically, all you need to do on this point is to never download something that looks suspicious. And in case you don’t know how to determine when something is shady, then you should look for an expert to decide whether you can download what you want to or not.

Limit your personal data

Given the fact that your personal information is essentially what every single hacker is looking for, you need to limit it in the best way you can in order to prevent an uncomfortable situation.

This way, what most experts recommend is to instead of showing some personal information, what you should do is to put the professional one instead. This will allow anyone you know to keep getting in touch with you while opening your chances of getting a better new job or customers without being at risk.

Another recommendation that experts usually provide on this matter is to always leave one personal data available, like your phone number of email account. After all, there are many situations where a person you don’t know want to get in touch with you because of something important.

Always create a very strong password

Yes, one of the most annoying things is to choose a certain password for a site you are registering it. In fact, that is the main reason why almost every person in the world put a very simple password. After all, everyone not only want to remember it but also not to spend too much seconds writing it.

Naturally, this is one of the worst mistakes people make, considering that creating a weak password is like opening the door for cyber criminals to get access into your most important accounts and steal money or crucial information.

According to different cyber security experts, one of the most common passwords in the world is literally “1234567.” And of course, every hacker knows about this reality, being the reason why so many people get hacked.

To prevent this from happening, you must always create a very strong password that you need to save or write in a secret file in order to put it. Yes, we all know this is quite annoying, but this will eventually become your main protection.

A good password is always the one that have at least 13 characters and mix numbers, letters and special characters.

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