5 Google Tools That Help Your SEO: Part 2

In part one of this series, we looked at the free Google keyword SEO tools that can aid your keyword choices, such as the Adwords Keywords Tool and Google Insight for Search. Here are more free Google tools to get your SEO honed and efficient.

Google Trends

What are people searching for right now? While their Insight tool can give you trends on a specific keyword, you can use the Google Trends to find “hot” topics that generate the highest searches currently. This can be a great way to boost your own blog search results. Find the hot topics, and include those keywords in a new post and your RSS feed right away.

Google Local Business Center

Part of Google’s strategy for keyword searches is to make it easy for those performing searches to find the products and services they need in search results, as well as know exactly where to go in their area to get them. Combined with Google Maps, Google shows businesses that are pertinent to a particular search and pinpoints them on a local map according to the searcher’s local IP address. This way, a search user can click directly on a business that is close by and find exactly what they need.

However, you must register your business with the Local Business Center to get on results. Visit the Google Local Business Center and claim your free small business listing. Google gives you step-by-step instructions to add your business location, phone, web address, and description. You can even add photos and videos to help your search results stand out from the competition.

Google Webmaster Central

Whether you’re new at building a website or an experienced webmaster, you can use the help provided at Google Webmaster Central. Use this tool to submit your website for analysis. You’ll get answers on potential errors, broken links, and information to help make your website more accessible and easier to find by search engines. You can also read guidelines that will help improve your web design and SEO friendliness.

Regardless of your business, if you have a website, then SEO should be an important priority in your business marketing strategy. Make use of the free tools available from Google and get your SEO in shape.

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