5 Online Business Ideas if You’re a “People Person”

Looking to start a new business that serves people? Here are 5 online business ideas that capitalize on your strengths as a "people person."
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As an outgoing “people person” you have a great advantage in starting a business. But finding the right online business ideas for you can be tough. When choosing a business, be sure to consider your extroverted nature as a strength that you can leverage.

Being a people person is great for customer service. You’ll appear genuinely friendly to your customers and build a loyal following of people who consider you their friend rather than their vendor. You’ll create a happy customer fast!

Some businesses require impersonal work and “alone-time” to get the job done. If you prefer the former to the latter, here are 5 online business ideas that capitalize on your strengths.

1. Professional Coach

Being a professional business coach allows you to help people remove obstacles and achieve their potential. It can be a very rewarding online business idea if you’re a people person. You can also host your coaching sessions remotely via Zoom or other online video service. Offer support and encouragement for people in difficult or challenging situations. Offer a listening and empathetic ear to their concerns. Help them solve problems. (Please note, depending on what you do, you might need a state license if what you’re thinking about doing approaches their definition of therapy.)

Instead of working in a therapeutic or psychiatric environment, consider getting a grant and starting a phone-in support non-profit organization for start ups. Or, start a for-profit business helping those who are about to move (by being a liaison for them and helping them to arrange realtors, movers, job interviews, etc.). This business requires empathetic skills and a real love of people.

2. Career Advisor

A career advisor business can take many different forms, depending on what you enjoy doing, but it is a very people-driven business. And it’s very rewarding. You can help people get jobs by starting a placement services firm; or you can help people enjoy career success by starting a training and seminar business; or you can help people make good career decisions and develop long-term thinking by starting a career coaching business. This business requires someone with experience (and success) in the areas that are being addressed as well as an inclination towards sales, since a lot of this business is selling your service.

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3. Virtual Assistant

These online businesses are becoming more popular and will require a person with a personal touch and some administrative ability. As a virtual assistant, you will be doing the types of things a regular (“on-location”) assistant might be doing (from filing to paying bills to scheduling appointments, etc.) but with modern technology, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Google the term “virtual assistant” and see what other services are offered by other firms out there, including job listings for “virtual assistant no experience” to evaluate your competition. This type of business typically requires someone who can juggle the people side with the administrative aspects.

4. Matchmaker Services

The need for matchmaker services – both online and offline – is increasing. It used to be that people would meet and marry their high school sweethearts. Then it became their college sweethearts. Now people are remaining single longer in life and many find it increasingly difficult to meet someone once they have started in their career. Dating sites are very popular and the Internet is being used as a way to meet and socialize with people. This rewarding career requires a people person who can read other people and draw out their likes and dislikes. And, because this is an area of high vulnerability, emotion, and self-esteem, the good matchmaker needs to perform this service with sensitivity and encouragement.

5. Independent Sales/Service Person

As an extrovert, you’ll want a role where you talk to people. If you like to sell, your list of online business ideas should include becoming an independent sales agent, selling products and services on behalf of other companies. If you prefer customer service, you can offer back- end service including order fulfillment, follow-up, or troubleshooting services. Many business that do need a human touch prior to purchase (instead of a shopping cart that buyers can click through) can use an independent sales person (you) rather than keeping someone on staff. This business requires a people person who is bold and aggressive (without being obnoxious).

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