Unique Business Writing Service Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Can Write

As a writer, you can easily start your own business writing service if you look at the right options. This guide will provide you with ideas. 
business writing service

Knowing how to write well is a precious and valuable skill. Fortunately, these days there are many areas of how you can make a living out of starting a business writing service.

Starting a business as a writing entrepreneur can be tricky. You need to complete it. Full research of the market, choose a niche for yourself, learn about potential competitors, and much more. Of course, beginning a business from scratch can be confusing. In case you feel lost and don’t know where to start, we have prepared 6 unique business ideas for writing entrepreneurs. They should help you out with your beginnings.

Starting a Blog

Monetizing your blog is probably the most wide-spread writing business right now. The easy access to the Internet and free websites creating platforms have become fruitful soil for bloggers all over the world. To become a successful blogger is not that hard. You need to find your niche, write regularly, and draw more people to your website. Once you have an audience, you can look for sponsors, ask for donations, and create your merchandise. It’s better if you write about something that you love and feel competent about. This way, you can enjoy what you are doing, be fully independent, and, eventually, make a brand of your Internet name.


Writing someone’s biography can be quite fun. Often you get to hang out with interesting people, listen to their stories, thoughts, and dreams. It is your job to make all the received information into a book. Yes, your name will not be on the cover. Though, it is a very reliable source of income. If you make a name for yourself, you can grow your writing skills into a successful business by offering ghostwriting services.


Copywriting has become the most popular money making writing business. There are many reasons why it’s so. First, if all, copywriting offers a large variety of diverse niches. You can be a freelancer, you can work for a company at the office, you can start your own business by offering copywriting services. You pick a preferred area of work, theme, discipline, and everything else. All types of media, where printed or web, require copywriters, so you’ll never be out of work. Copywriters are needed in marketing, advertising, news outlets, and many other industries. You start as a freelance copywriter and build a proper business by offering your services to a specific industry.

Academic Writing

As long as there are students, there will be academic writing. Surely enough, it is a business worth considering. Being an academic writer is a serious and responsible job. There is a lot at stake. Though, this business is also well-paid and in high demand. The number of students who’ll come to you with pleas like, “can you write an essay for me?” will shock you. Of course, you’ll need to remember that this work has its high and low seasons. It’s a crucial thing to know when managing such a business. With time, you may start a platform where you can offer other services beyond writing papers. For instance, many academic writing services also can do math homework for money, among other things.


Being a writing entrepreneur doesn’t end on providing solely business writing services. There is much more to this business! For example, you can try starting an editing company. People often need good editors to proofread their works. Writers, businessmen, corporations, students, they all require a professional to check their works. A job of a good editor is to bring the best in a text that is given to them. Who wouldn’t want to have that by a good price and customer friendly service? An editor’s review can be worth a lot, have no doubts about that.

CV Writing

Starting a CV writing business can hardly go wrong. There is always a demand for CVs. People are getting fired and hired every day. Hence, all those people need a professional CV writing service. Running such a service can be quite fun. You have to approach every client individually. Finding a perfect template and style for every CV can be a challenge at first. Though, once you get a hang of it, being in this business will be a blessing

The Business Writing Service Bottom Line

Whether to start a business or not can be a tough decision to make. However, as this article shows, you have many ways to go with your passion for writing. Being a writing entrepreneur can be a lot of fun as well as a lot of responsibility. Though, on the bright side, in a writing business like nowhere else, you get to rely solely on your skills and talents.

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