6 Advanced SEO Growth Hacking Tips

These 6 advanced growth hacking tips will help you increase traffic to your website and get higher search engine rankings.
growth hacking tips

These 6 advanced growth hacking tips will help you increase traffic to your website and get higher search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still a must for businesses that want to boost growth and profitability. And with more consumers turning to the internet for everyday purchases, the time for increasing SEO efforts has never been better.

This holds true for new businesses just starting out to well-rooted businesses that need to tweak marketing and Google optimization efforts for more sales. The time for SEO is now, especially as businesses navigate the new pandemic consumer trends.

“Without the right Internet marketing techniques your website will not be found on search engines, and studies of internet trends has revealed that 73 percent of your prospects use search engines to find the businesses they need,” Detroit Internet Marketing and SEO explained.

The following SEO Google tips for 2021 business growth may prove profitable. Let’s get right to it.

1. Long-Form Content Is Critical

Long-form content is a must-have when it comes to SEO Google tips in 2021. The longer the content the better. It may not be a ranking factor widely published by Google. However, there are definite correlations between content length and ranking.

For instance, content in the top five positions on page one Google have been found to be over 2,300 words in length.

Ranking higher in search results pages is certainly positive. To do that, you can employ a few different tactics, one being long-form content.

2. Organic Link Acquisition

Another top optimization growth hacking tip to gain favor from Google is organic link acquisition. This is all about generating links from other sites passively by creating link worthy content. This can have serious SEO benefits and grow your business exponentially in 2021.

The catch is that you need to create content that others will want to utilize in their own content. This could be great industry stats in a long-form article, infographics, images with new data, and more.

Links are very much a ranking factor when it comes to Google SEO. Ensure you are always growing your backlink portfolio to grow your business this year.

3. Optimize Favicon In Search Engines

Favicon optimization is not a very well-known SEO tactic. It is, however, a very important optimization tactic to employ this year. For instance, Google will display a site’s favicon, and it can actually influence click-through-rates (CTR) from search engine users.

The aim is to make your site’s favicon standout. This means the favicon should be visible and intriguing to search engine users when they see it. This may not be a major ranking factor, but it could generate more clicks and more sales and is getting on the radar for growth hacking tips.

4. Meta Descriptions Are Still SEO Important

Did you know that 30 percent of websites still don’t utilize meta descriptions to generate more traffic via greater search engine ranking? That is a pretty large number of sites still behind the SEO curve. This is why meta descriptions are still important.

Optimizing meta descriptions is also pretty simple when it comes down to it. But you do have to do it.

Google will most likely write a meta description for you, however, you may not be getting the most from your web content if you leave it to Google. You want your meta descriptions to be keyword rich and enticing to click.

5. Schema and FAQ Optimization

The next SEO Google tip for 2021 business growth is schema and FAQ optimization. Google now has FAQ schema front and center on result pages. This can be a big time optimization boost for businesses that cater to this prime search engine real estate.

When you get your content on a FAQ schema, you can ultimately influence more consumers to click on your content and begin the buyer funnel once they land on your site.

You will need to tweak content titles to land FAQ schema, but it is worth it. There is also no guarantee that you will land a coveted spot on the FAQ schema board. But when you do, you will certainly see an uptick in traffic and sales.

6. Internal Linking Should Be a Priority

Internal linking is also a top tip when it comes to business growth via optimization. This is also a quick fix that can boost the ranking of any site. Even professional SEO agencies utilize this tactic.

Increasing internal linking combined with titles and meta descriptions can add serious ranking value on Google. Increasing internal links can also create the web needed to take consumers on the perfect buyer journey throughout your website.

Wrapping Up

There are a ton of SEO Google tips out there. The above are a few of the most important, and easiest to employ, starting today. From internal linking to creating longer content on your site, the possibilities to increase Google rankings and boost business growth are all about optimization.

What are your business goals for 2021? Can optimization tactics like those above prove useful for your company? Try them out. You may be surprised by the results.

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