SEO for Gaming Sites: 4 Notable Strategies to Attract Users

Online gaming businesses grew from the pandemic as consumers flock to play games online. SEO for gaming sites is helping to find players.
seo for gaming sites

If there’s one industry that benefited massively due to the lockdown, it’s online gaming. Such businesses can benefit by using SEO for gaming sites to build their audience. According to predictions, the online gaming industry will have a steady growth of 12% until 2023. It’s not surprising why gaming websites are popping up all the time.

Since there’s no assurance that circumstances surrounding the pandemic will ease this year, people are still encouraged to spend more time indoors. With that, comes the increased interest in online gaming and other similar platforms. 

Gaming-Focused Digital Marketing Strategies

As predicted, the gaming industry is only going to get bigger. There are emerging niches and markets, and innovative technology that is all opening new opportunities in the industry. With great interest also comes the need to compete, which is where SEO for gaming sites is helping businesses find players..

If you want to be more visible to your target audience, you need to invest in marketing strategies that work for your brand. When it comes to promotion, take advantage of the same best practices and general principles. Of course, since the focus is different, there are some techniques recommended by SEO igaming agencies like Ocere that you can do differently here and there.

SEO Strategies to Implement for a Gaming Site

In our article on the Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors, we share specific ways to increase your site’s rank on Google. If you’re running an online gaming business, these additional methods can help in ensuring impactful SEO results for a gaming website.

  1. Type of gaming website determines the SEO approach. There are different gaming genres with corresponding unique requirements and elements. As such, the SEO approach should match these needs. A gaming website typically contains blogs, guides, and portals. Online gamers are quite particular with the information they want to access. Therefore, the SEO goal is to capture the right audience for the published content. 
  2. Maximise the use of video content. The world of online gaming has benefited from streaming platforms because they have enriched audience engagement. Video and similar content have become the most popular tool to promote gaming content, making it critical to SEO. By creating high-quality and original content such as tutorials, reviews, and tips, you can increase organic traffic on the website. 
  3. Use gaming forums for link-building. Apart from streaming platforms, online gaming enthusiasts also frequent gaming forums to interact with other gamers or get useful information. Forums are an excellent platform to build quality backlinks for your website. Of course, you need to make sure that you’re providing relevant and useful content. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired outcome. 
  4. Leverage social media. Social media channels have plenty of benefits for SEO. When you engage with your target audience through posts, they can like, share, or follow your page. It’s perfect for gaining attention from the gaming community and for generating website activity. You can also build a community by creating accounts or pages on platforms with the highest potential. Posting interesting content and maximising the use of hashtags can also generate massive interest for your website. 

SEO for gaming sites focuses on the same targets and goals as any other industry. However, you need to be strategic in choosing platforms where you can gain the most visibility with your target audience. Also, content relevance is critical because gamers want only what’s useful and relevant when they visit a gaming site.

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