6 Content Ideas For Your Small Business Website

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Content is king. You’ve heard that over and over, and not just from us. If you want your small business website to be successful with your SEO strategy, you must regularly update your website with content. Here are 6 content ideas for your small business website.

However, what kind of content do you need? How do you get ideas for writing new content? And where does that content come from?

Content Ideas for Your Small Business Website

Here are six great ideas for getting you the fresh content you need to keep your small business website updated on a regular basis.

  1. Blog. A company blog is one of the best ways to publish regular content on your website. However, in order to get the SEO advantage, you can’t use a free blog hosted by Blogger or WordPress. You must get your blog “plugged in” on your website. Most web host companies work with blog platforms like WordPress so you can actually get your WordPress blog on your domain. If it’s too much work to write regular blog posts, you can use agencies or other writers to help. As content ideas go, this is one of best you can produce.
  2. Product Comparisons. Why not post product comparisons on your website? You may want to give a biased opinion about how your product stacks up next to your competition. Or you could consider offering a free product to a reputable neutral third party who does product comparisons.
  3. Product Guides. On your small business website, you can also post content that helps customers either purchase a product with a purchase guide or help troubleshoot issues with a helpful FAQ guide.
  4. Knowledge Base. Rather than a simple FAQ page or 1-page guide, why not post a full knowledge base of helpful articles filled with potential topics your customers are interested in?
  5. White Papers. Consider hiring a professional content writer to compose one or more white papers. A white paper is simply an expanded brochure, but provides more marketing value for your business. Rather than posting brief bullet points about a product, a white paper delves into much more detail, even demonstrating actual case studies to encourage potential customers to see the value in your service.
  6. Check Industry News. If you write your own content or blog posts, consider checking industry news. You can easily get notifications from Google about specific keywords or phrases to alert you regarding relevant news. Then use the information to write your own opinions for your small business website.


  1. This is the best process promote the small business.. blog, content, product inputs, knowledge, and news.. this would help the business to grow must better in online..

  2. As for Product Comparisons this is only appplicable if you are entirely confident in your product as compared with your competitors’. Otherwise, this may be a suicidal move

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