The Ultimate Essay Writing Checklist for Business Students

Use this business writing checklist to polish your business content and maybe even launch your own essay writing business.
business writing checklist

Business students: have you put a full stop in your essay and think it’s ready for submission? Unfortunately, it’s not time to have a rest. You should make one more step – edit and proofread the paper. This process may take much time and effort, especially if you are an international student and don’t have an advanced level of the language. Polished writing skills are a must in business and can even help you launch your own writing business.

Is there any way to speed up the process of the essay check? You can turn to a professional academic essay writing service and ask experts to polish your paper if you lack the time or skills. Want to know how highly qualified writers make papers excellent? The secret is that they always check papers according to a certain algorithm. Here is an ultimate essay writing checklist that will help you to make sure that your paper sounds just perfect.

8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Submitting a Business Essay

Every student is recommended to compose a checklist and have it at hand always when writing essays. This list should include the most important questions you need to answer when rereading your essay. Let’s have a closer look at essentials you need to check after you’ve finished writing a paper.

1. Can my essay beginning grab the reader’s attention?

Reread your essay loud once or twice imagining that you aren’t the writer but the person who is reading your story. Do you feel hooked? Want to know what will be next? Or maybe an introduction sounds too predictable and even banal? It’s a good idea to read your essay to your parents or friends, someone who can have a fresh look at your piece of writing. What to do if you understand that your introduction is weak and is unable to attract the reader’s attention? Don’t start panicking! Just try to use one of these methods to hook the reader: ask an intriguing question, give interesting background information, tell a story from personal experience, give statistics.

2. Does essay main body informative? Have I structured it the right way?

The main body of the essay should contain three paragraphs, each of which starts with a new thought. It’s very important to pay attention to the connections between these paragraphs. Make sure you have them. The main body should sound clear and concise providing the reader with all the necessary details on the topic.

3. Can conclusion make a strong impression on the reader?

Writing the final paragraph, you need to make sure that it isn’t just a repetition of the same thoughts you’ve included in the previous parts. You need to process the information and conclude the major points. Your reader should have a feeling that he/she hasn’t wasted time reading your essay but vice versa improved his/her knowledge in some sphere. A good text makes a reader think about the story for some time after reading it. So, make sure your conclusion doesn’t sound vague and provides the reader with a clear understanding of the key essay points.

4. Is the bibliography formatted according to the writing style guide?

No matter what kind of paper you’re going to write, you need to include a list of references. These are the sources of information, which have helped you create an essay on the basis of the information you’ve found there. There are certain rules for listing these sources. The best way to meet all the requirements is to ask your tutor to give a sample of the format or look for it on the Internet.

5. Does the paper contain only original ideas?

Don’t forget to use a plagiarism checker to be sure that your essay contains unique information. If there are plagiarized thoughts, which you could include even unintentionally, improve the sentences or paragraphs by paraphrasing.

6. Is the essay free from grammar and lexical mistakes?

In the final stage, you need to check the quality of the language. If you are writing an essay on the language which isn’t native for you, make sure that all the phrases are used in the necessary context. It’s necessary to avoid misunderstandings, which are common in the papers written by international students.

Use specially designed grammar checkers online, which highlight grammar and lexical mistakes. Free versions indicate only rude mistakes while paid versions conduct a more careful analysis of each sentence. You can look through the suggestions on how to improve the sentence. Of course, even such advanced programs can’t be compared to professional editors. So, if you doubt that there is a mistake, turn to a professional editor.

7. Have I met all the essay requirements?

After you’ve finished the essay paper, check the instructions given by the tutor one more time. Make sure you’ve written the essay keeping them in mind and didn’t miss anything. This especially refers to the word count. For example, if the tutor asked to write a 600-word essay, make sure your essay paper doesn’t exceed the word count 30-40 words more or is 500 words instead of 600.

8. Does the essay title sound eye-catching?

Some students are surprised, you need to write some working title at the very beginning but it doesn’t mean that you can’t change it later. Sometimes, only after careful discussion of all the essay points, the writer realizes how to name the essay.

Remember that the title means much for the essay’s success. It mustn’t be too long or too short. It should reflect the main idea in an original way. If your title corresponds to these two criteria, then, be sure that the reader will be willing to read it.

Use this checklist to make the process of essay check productive. Good luck in writing high-quality content without errors!



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