Customer Loyalty: 6 Tips to Gain Client Trust and Retain Client Trust

In times of tough competition, it is essential to hold on to your existing clients even as you try to rope in new ones. Here are 6 tips that will ensure that your clients continue to retain their trust in your small business and stick to you for life.

1. Promise – And Then Deliver More

You should stick to your promises and deliver even more in terms of quality than what your clients expect from you. This will ensure that they are pleasantly surprised every time that they deal with you.

Stick to delivery schedules, and in case of the odd slip-up, make sure that you inform your clients well in advance of the delay. This will at least convey the message that you are working hard to rectify the problem.

2. Be Honest In Quality and Quantity

Always be honest with your customers. Make sure that there is no ambiguity in the prices of your products and services. If you must use fine print, make sure they understand it.

Do not show your customers a particular product sample and then deliver an inferior product. You should ensure that your clients get the quality that you promised them – at a reasonable rate.

Cheating your clients might pay off in the short run, but will definitely not help your small business to last in the long run.

3. Provide Guarantees on Your Products and Services

You can provide an additional guarantee over and above that of the manufacturer. This is a sure way of increasing your clients’ trust in your small business, and will also serve as a magnet for attracting new clients.

You can even provide a guarantee on product services such as repairs. This will increase your clients’ confidence in you and your capabilities.

4. Go Out-Of-The-Way To Solve Customer Problems

You should make an extra effort to solve your clients’ problems. They should be able to turn to you with any issue that may arise with your products and services with the certainty that you will be able to solve it for them.

This will convey the message that you genuinely care for your customers and will take all the measures necessary to solve their problems.

Some extra time and effort will have to be reserved on your part, but this move will surely increase your clients’ trust in you.

5. Stay in Touch

Send out business cards or call your clients during special occasions and talk to them.

You can talk about many things other than your business – and this will result in your clients viewing you as a friend instead of just a business owner.

6. Hear Out Your Clients

It is very important to get feedback from your clients – but it is even more important to act on that feedback.

If you feel that your client has a legitimate complaint or an excellent idea, then you can act upon it and incorporate it in your business. This will send the message that you are alert and open to new ideas for improvement.

This will result in your clients’ placing more trust in your small business.

Use the above tips, and ensure that the trust that your clients have placed in your business keeps growing. If you do this, you will be able to sit back and watch as your clients bring in new business as the years go by.

Remember that it takes years to create and build trust – but just one moment to lose it all.

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