6 Ways To Get Your Small Cake Business Off The Ground

Wondering how to spread the word about your small cake business? We rounded up six surefire ways you could try to jump-start your start-up.
small cake business

Tons of small businesses get launched every day, all trying to fill in niches in their community. If you plan to run a cake business, you’ll surely build a customer base eventually. But to grow, it’s not enough to promise good products and services to stand out.

Today, food-centered businesses are more aggressive and creative in their promotional strategies. For your business to successfully get off the ground, you need to get some good initial impressions.

Fortunately, there’s a variety of ways for a small cake business to find the customer base it needs. Most of them hardly need a budget, allowing you to scale your marketing strategy as you go. If that sounds good to you, check out this list.

1. Create A Social Media Account

No good business goes without a social media account these days. It’s easy to use, accessible, and practically everywhere. There’s no shortage of people who go on social media to share photos, exchange stories, and most importantly, find convenient answers to some of their questions.

Imagine if one of them is where they can buy delicious cakes for some kind of occasion. That’s a big opportunity for you to build a relationship with a client and get a sale. But how can accomplish either of those if your brand doesn’t have a presence in it?

Make social media a key part of your promotional strategy. Post photos, videos, and graphics to gain the attention of people who would be interested in your cakes. You can work with a freelancer or an agency if you want more professional results in your posting. But a well-produced image you made yourself can work all the same.

If you have the supplies you need to start a cake business but find it hard to build a brand, you can always go for franchising instead. All the branding for a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise or something related is usually taken care of by the chain owners already.

2. Design A Unique Menu

Your menu is everything, especially for cakes. Imagine yourself being an online customer, and all you want is an easy time choosing food to order from your platforms.

In response to that, you should put together a menu showing your best offerings and share them on your online platforms, especially your social media accounts. Make sure to keep it updated so viewers always know what you can offer at any time. If possible, you can create themed cake menus for holidays or major events.

3. Have A Customer Rewards Program

This is particularly effective in gaining an audience for your small cake business. A customer rewards program encourages your customers to keep ordering from your shop in exchange for special offers.

Additionally, rewarding programs make the frequent customer loyal enough to help you market your cakes by word of mouth. They’ll recommend your cakes to their friends, family, and colleagues, spreading your cake brand’s name even further.

4. Trade at Food Markets

This is another great way to get your small cake business off the ground. You can sign up for community-building programs with other bakers to build your brand image and sale ratio. These programs help you gain more market experience and get insights into possible competition.

5. Generate Some Buzz On The Streets

This remains an important strategy for small businesses. Social media promotion is merely the latest iteration of the tried and tested method of letting your neighbors know first.

You should gather a number of people who might be interested in your cake business first before going big during your launch. This enables you to tap into a reliable base market from where you can cater to more clientele. If you manage to satisfy or even blow their expectations out of the water, they’d want to share your brand with other people they know.

6. Offer Something Different

Competition in the cake market is fierce. You have to compete with several businesses offering the same kind of product as yours.

So, you need to stand out. Figure out what makes your brand different from the others close to you. Is it in packaging, flavor, special services, or even branding voice? Whatever it is, you should highlight it to gain the following you need. Even a small change like positioning your cake brand as a popular choice for college students can generate interest.


After all this, you may still unsure be of how you want to launch your small cake business well. That’s fine. This article only aims to point you in the right direction on how to best promote your business. It’s up to you to find the perfect spin for your own brand. Just remember that these tips start small but pay off in the long run. Feel free to explore more strategies to grow your baking business. And always remember to strive for quality, both in your promotions and your actual products.

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