Write the Perfect Mobile Game Marketing Plan – Here’s How

Creating a cool mobile game isn't enough. To generate sales, you'll need a solid mobile game marketing plan. Here's how to write one that works.
mobile game marketing plan

You’ve made a mobile game that you’re proud of? That’s great, but it’s not enough to guarantee it’ll succeed post-launch. It’s time to write a mobile game marketing plan that will generate sales.

Writing a Mobile Game Marketing Plan

Without a marketing push, even the most unique and compelling games will sink without a trace, so let’s talk about what it takes to create a marketing plan which actually works.

Analyze your audience

Without in-depth knowledge of the audience that your mobile game is targeting, you’ll struggle to engage them.

There are a few ways to research your next game’s target audience, including by looking at the types of people who are already enjoying products from your competitors, and seeing what makes them tick. From here, you can build a customer profile, and then orient the rest of your marketing plan around this.

Know your game’s selling points

Having a unique selling proposition makes a difference in lots of contexts, and it’s particularly relevant in the competitive world of mobile games.

You must appreciate what sets your title apart from the crowd so that you can use this as a focal point for your marketing efforts.

Perhaps you offer an interesting twist on a tried and tested gameplay formula. Perhaps you’ve got groundbreaking graphics to dazzle and delight. Whatever the case, pick a few selling points so you know what you shout about.

Consider bringing expert help onboard

Hiring the likes of Upptic, who are experts in web3 and mobile games, makes sense if you don’t have a whole lot of marketing experience in-house.

Advice from seasoned professionals will help you hone your marketing plan, and an outside perspective is also useful for finding USPs that you might have missed.

Choose platforms to promote your game

A combination of paid ads and organic posts will let you get the word out about your latest mobile game. The issue here is knowing which platforms to give the most attention to, and which to avoid.

As you work on your mobile game marketing plan, your audience research will guide you here. If you know that the demographic you’re aiming at is more commonly found on Facebook than Twitter or Instagram, for example, you can put more emphasis on advertising on this social service.

Contact the media

Bringing media coverage to a mobile game can be easy, so long as you go about it the right way. Firing off a press release to all and sundry won’t necessarily get results, but being selective in who you contact will.

If your promotional content is compelling, and the outlets you target are relevant to your audience, you’ll have the opportunity to get ‘free’ publicity in the form of news stories, previews, and reviews.

Optimize for app stores

Last but by no means least, you can market your mobile game more successfully if you’re aware of how to promote it via the app stores on which it will be made available.

Optimizing things like the name of the game, the way it’s described and even things like the screenshots you feature in your app store listing will make a difference in terms of how it is ranked.

You can also overcome issues with organically ranking well on app stores by paying to promote your game when certain keywords are used. Researching the right ones to target is part of putting together a good mobile game marketing plan.

Final thoughts

Creating a marketing plan is an iterative process, and one which you will get better at the more experience you develop.

If your game doesn’t get the attention it deserves post-launch, it’s a sign that your strategies might need a re-think, so embrace change when it’s required.

And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can also download our fully editable mobile game marketing plan to create your own plan:

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