8 Easy Steps to Present a Winning Webinar

Learn 8 simple ways you can create a winning webinar to deliver to your clients and prospective customers

In creating an online small business marketing plan, there are many strategies to choose from. Aside from the obvious social media and SEO (search engine marketing) tactics, one popular and effective method of online marketing is the webinar.

An online webinar is a web-based seminar delivered to users not in a classroom, but in a “virtual” room through the internet. Attendees can attend can attend the webinar from the home, office, or anywhere they’re able to connect to the internet. Many webinars are free, while others require attendees to pay for the course.

What you present in a webinar and how you present it can make a big difference in the success of your webinar in terms of additional sales. To help you get the most out of your webinars, we offer 8 tested webinar tips to get you on the right track.

Choose the Right Webinar Vendor

With the number of webinar and online meeting platforms, it is no problem to get your presentation in front of others. The tough part, and one of the most important webinar tips, is identifying the right vendor.

These Software as a Service (SaaS) webinar platforms all work through the internet. You set up an account with the provider, your attendees log in at the appropriate time, and voila! You have an online meeting.

You must decide whether your online webinar will be just texting and chat only, include voice and presentation slides, or full-out video streamed to your audience. There are a number of great providers such as GoTo Meeting, WebEx, JoinMe, or AnytMeeting, and they all have difference price ranges and features.

Use a Partner

One webinar tip that works well is utilizing a co-presenter or partner. Perhaps you and a fellow salesperson in your small business can present parts of the webinar. Or collaborate with another industry expert to tag-team your way to a great webinar.

Often times, when more than one person presents the webinar feels more conversational and less rehearsed. Attendees will respond better to a more “free-flowed” webinar.

Practice Your Dialogue and Polish Your Delivery

There is no worse situation than attending a webinar where half of what the presenter says is “ummm,” or “uhhh.” Of all webinar tips, practicing your delivery and what you want to say is one of the most important. Get your webinar in front of a test audience. Practice speaking without breaks, “um’s” or “uh’s.” Your audience will appreciate it and get more out of what you have to say when you presentation is fluid and confident.

Provide Anecdotes and Real-life Applications

It’s easy to go down a list, follow an outline, or read from a script. One small business marketing trick when it comes to webinars is to give examples and leave room for flexibility. Testify about a previous client’s success with your product. Tell an interesting anecdote about how your product came to market. Find a way to paint a picture for your audience by using examples and stories they can understand and relate to. These little bits will break up the monotony and get your audience more jazzed about what you have to say.

Be Prepared to Go Off-book

Don’t be afraid to go off-book. By all means, use your outline. However, included in the best webinar tips, it is certainly acceptable to veer a short while to make a stronger point about a particular topic.

Keep Your Outline Simple and Manageable

The best webinar tips you should remember include keeping your webinar outline simple. Some beginners think that a longer outline and more detail are necessary to assert expertise and make a presentation last an hour. They find, however, that 40 or 50 points in a presentation are too many. The audience can’t absorb so much input and won’t recall all that information anyway.

Keep your outline to just 5 to 10 major points.

Leave Time for Q&A

Always leave time at the end of your webinar for questions. Your small business marketing plan through a webinar should help you assert your expertise through answering questions. And if you don’t know an answer right away, promise your listener that you will research it and get back to the.

Record and Archive Your Webinar

Recording and posting your webinars on your website or even YouTube is another great way to improve your small busies marketing. If you charged for your live seminar, consider keeping an archive copy on your website that future customers can access for a reduced price. Then simply post snippets on your website or YouTube for free to whet the appetite of future customers.

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