Advantages of Having a Phone Validator for Your Business

A phone validator is a program that offers real time analysis and verification of both local and international phone numbers.
advantages of phone validator

Advancement in technology has brought its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Among the disadvantages is the increase of fraud, dispensation of fake news, and fake identity cases. Today, it is not unusual for business owners to receive both local and international calls and emails from fraudsters.

Fortunately, the same technology has also come up with a way to reduce fraudulent activities by using a phone validator.

A validator is a program that offers real time analysis and verification of both local and international phone numbers in order to determine syntax, risk reputation, disposable phone numbers, and user screening. Common reputation checks include validating email, detecting proxy, and scoring email risks. Below are some advantages of having a phone validator for your business.

You Will Reduce the Possibility of Being Conned

Although this is not the only task that validators do, it is the most prominent one. The program helps you gather information about suspicious numbers or emails. If you are in the pay on delivery business, you will also gather information about the location of the caller and the risk factors associated with the number. You will also know whether the call is being made from a cell phone or a landline. This way, your marketing team will know the marketing strategy that will work for both users.

You Will Save Time and Money by Using Real Time Checks

Having a clean updated list of phone numbers is healthy for your marketing strategies. Incorporating the validating program will help you clean out outdated numbers, identify and correct errors, and inform your customers of existing errors in their numbers.

By doing this, you will not only save the time you use to clean and confirm contacts manually but also the resources used to send promotional messages to nonexistent clients. Moreover, real time checks will give you a clear picture of the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Bulk Validation Will Increase Your Accuracy, Thus Giving You a Good Reputation

It is annoying to keep calling a wrong number for a delivery they know nothing about. This cannot only get your phone number blacklisted but it will also injure the reputation of your company. Carrying out bulk validation in a few minutes will help you know whether the connection is active, the number or format is wrong, or if the prefix is correct among other accuracy errors that are possible when dealing with large data sets.

This will save your time and enhance your efficiency while dealing with your customers.

You Will Rubber Stamp the Credibility of Your Business

The selling point of online businesses is their reputation and credibility. Among the many ways a credible business can be identified is the information safety of both the website and the clients. The phone validation program does not stop at the identifying stage. It goes a step further and blacklists phone numbers that are reported to have engaged in fraudulent activities such as initiating chargebacks and creating fake accounts among other suspicious behavior. This means protecting your business and your customers from possible financial and data loss.

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