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 I found this site recently and thought I'd share it today: Started by NBC, it takes user-created video and matches those videos with advertisers to create a revenue stream for the video's creator.

In a way, it's like AdWords (Google's text-based pay-per-click ads) for video. This makes sense as a next step in the marketing world, since video is the hot commodity this year and it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to leverage revenue from this medium.

Is it appropriate for you? Sites like and Google Video (and many other similar sites out there) collect massive amounts of user-downloaded video each day. Could these become ad-based as well? Some videos may lack production quality – or even a point – but remain highly viral.

One of the biggest obstacles I think NBC's faces is dealing with the copyright problems that video are creating. Will someone upload someone else's video and gain revenue from it? It's possible that could happen. Learn more about the issue of video copyright tomorrow.

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