What Can You Do to Sell More?

Although most of my clients tend to be small and medium sized businesses, I have the fortunate experience to be working with a huge multinational company right now (one of the biggest in the world!). They're rolling out a key product and wanted help in training their sales staff on selling it. They sent me the marketing materials they have developed so far to give me something to work with. As I reviewed it I was really impressed!

Among the marketing materials they sent there were…

· A document on external communications describing the product, including the proper way to name the product (for example, whether or not the word “the” should be in front of it or whether it should be capitalized or abbreviated).

· A list of competitors and what their competing product was along with a brief outline of why this company's product was better.

· A book of sales guidelines, including upselling and cross-selling ideas, customer's “hot buttons” (the things that make them want to buy).

In all there were nearly 5GB of documents to help the salespeople sell!

The company has used its massive resources to help its salespeople sell the product. But that isn't limited to a multinational company. What can you do in your own company to sell more products (or help your salespeople)? Develop more resources to make more sales.

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