6 Business Email Marketing Tips to Increase Profits

Business email marketing can increase your profits quickly. These email marketing tips show you exactly what to do (#6 will surprise you).
business email marketing tips

Business email marketing can increase your profits exponentially – without a significant investment. There are many tools, like MailChimp, available to help. The catch is that using email marketing tools properly is critical in getting your message out so customers find you and buy from you. Increased incidences of spam and businesses that abuse email marketing have made it difficult to make email marketing profitable.

To be successful with email marketing, your small business must learn to develop an appropriate campaign and implement it efficiently. Here are five easy tips that you can use to get started on the right foot with your small business email marketing campaign.

1. Use business email marketing when the time is right

Small business email marketing is ineffective if nobody reads the emails. Timing is everything when it comes to using email marketing to increase profits. Avoid overburdening your subscribers with excessive email campaigns around critical times, including holidays, tax season, and near the end of the academic year. Readers are less likely to open excess emails during these peak times of the year.

2. Send emails at appropriate intervals

The timing of your business email marketing campaigns is important. Too frequent and you will turn off prospects. Too infrequent and they’ll forget about you. Try a regular interval like every one or two weeks, or even once a month, when you implement a small business email marketing campaign. You might even consider allowing subscribers to indicate how often they would like to be contacted (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

3. Personalize business emails by including the recipient’s name

“Dear Valued Customer” is a generic email greeting that won’t connect with your customers. Using an opening like that increases the chances that readers will delete your message quickly.

In each and every one of your emails, include the customer’s first name in the greeting. This is a key point in using email marketing to make your customers feel valued. Most email marketing tools have a built-in mail merge capability that lets you do this.

4. Include pictures and graphics in small business email marketing campaigns

People receive hundreds of plain text emails from friends, family, and coworkers each week. Spice up your small business marketing campaigns by including high-quality pictures and/or graphics. This will make emails more appealing, and users can gather important information just by glancing at the pictures.

5. Make it easy for subscribers to update their email address or unsubscribe

Business email marketing is only effective if you are able to contact previous or potential customers. Individuals who have provided their email address to your business need access to update their information and to unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns. People have a tendency to change their email addresses, therefore it is important that you provide a fast and simple link for users to notify you of changes.

In addition, you need to offer your subscribers the option to stop receiving emails from your business email marketing campaigns. This is the law in most countries. The opt-out function should be easily accessible and it should also be user-friendly.

6. Set up RSS to Email to automate your campaigns

Most email services come with an RSS to Email feature. This allows you to create a template for your campaigns, such as your email newsletters, and add an RSS feed of your blog for the content.

You can set the schedule for your automated campaigns, such as every two weeks on Mondays. This way, every Monday, the new content that you posted to your blog will automatically get inserted into your email newsletter template and sent to your contacts.

Automating your email campaigns this way frees up a tremendous amount of time and resources from your day and allows you to stay in touch with your contacts without missing a beat. The more top-of-mind you are, the higher your chances of getting new and repeat business.

These 6 email marketing tips will get your small business off to a great start. The more information you can spread to your customers, the more likely they are to come to you when they have a pressing need. Enhance revenue and profitability with a great business email marketing campaign.

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