How to Establish your Business Personality (and Make Your Customers Take Notice)

Your business must have its own personality, or a branding that sets it apart from its competitors. Learn about how to place the best business personality stamp on your endeavors that will translate into greater revenues.

How do you teach people about your business? How do you leave your mark and create a set of emotions and experiences associated with your business? Through your business personality, of course!

To establish a strong business personality, your business should relate to your customers in a reflective, often emotional, way. It may reflect your personality or your way of doing business, and it will be an underlying, critical foundation of your company’s entire branding strategy. In fact, companies have thrived or withered simply due to their business personality.

To begin thinking of a personality for business, consider some of the most well-known companies and corporations in America; they all likely evoke emotions and images, and your business should be no different!

The bottom line is that the ability to connect with your customers through your business personality is extremely important.

Questions to ask yourself when considering your business personality:

  • Think of all the businesses that compete against yours and ask yourself: what sets my business apart from theirs? What can I do to stand out from the crowd?
  • How can I best promote my brand in an already-crowded marketplace? Consider your strategies for becoming a leader in your industry.
  • How can I communicate my business personality clearly and effectively? How can I plead my case so that a wide range of customers “get” my business personality?
  • How can I most effectively convey the personality of a business?
  • What are my marketing strategies for getting the word out?
  • Can I provide innovation, customer service, luxury, etc. that no other business can?
  • What is the mission of my business and does my business personality reflect that mission?
  • Does my business personality reflect relevance in the industry, and does it reflect my passion for what I do? Your customers can’t relate to your business personality if it doesn’t clearly reflect what it is that you are trying to sell and your motivation behind it.
  • Have I found a niche market to which I can set my sights? Does the personality of a business reflect the niche market? Can the customers in that niche market relate to my business personality?
  • Does my personality for business reflect my expertise and passion? Does it appeal the masses, or does it fall flat of reflecting my overall message and viewpoint?

Developing a business personality is a highly subjective topic, as no one can tell you what your personality for business is except for you. You are the keeper of your vision and your passion, and it is up to you to decide how you will convey that to your audience. After all, the ability to stand apart from competitors in your industry depends on it.

In the end, it is your ability to convey the personality of your business that will bring customers to the table. Don’t let opportunities pass you by because you are the wallflower. Move away from the pack and develop your own business personality so that you can make a mark in your industry.

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