Monday, September 28, 2020
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When Building your Brand Image, Think Freebies

Everyone loves “free stuff.” Taking advantage of this fact, many businesses offer free giveaways and free product samples in an effort to raise awareness about their product and gain valuable feedback.

The Benefits of Free Product Samples and Free Giveaways for Your Business

Many surveys point to the fact that a majority of consumers – somewhere around 60 percent – will purchase a product after trying a freebie. Freebies are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and may be an essential part of a company’s long-term growth. There are other ways to benefit from free giveaways as well:

  • Offering free product samples and free giveaways provide businesses with the opportunity to listen to consumer preferences and market demands – which must be done when launching any type of new product.
  • Many consumers are hesitant to spend money on a new product that they may – or may not – like or enjoy. However, if you give them the opportunity to try a product, free of charge, they will more than likely purchase that product in the future.

    Consumers are often quite finicky when it comes to trying new products, and often times the only way to get them to change their attitude about certain products is to offer them product freebies.

  • Research has shown that health and beauty products are generally the most effective product to use for free product samples. Entertainment and leisure products typically come in second and third, respectively.

    Free beauty samples are commonly used by businesses to promote their products because they understand that the easiest way to snag a new customer is to show them the value of their product, first-hand.

  • Free product samples and free giveaways often take the place of costly advertising and marketing, thereby allowing consumers to sample the product before purchasing it, while promoting brand awareness and loyalty for the business. Given today’s economy, many businesses must find more creative ways to get the word out about their products, and free product samples may be the way to go.
  • Freebies provide businesses with a solid reputation that consumers don’t soon forget. The result: customer loyalty and repeat sales. If you offer something of value for free to consumers, then chances are that the next time they shop for your product category, they will reach for your product.
  • You can increase website traffic by simply offering free giveaways and then posting the winners on your website. This will encourage consumers to check your website for new giveaways and to find out if they won. And, chances are, they will read your website and learn about your product every time they visit.
  • Free giveaways are a great way to spread your product and services through word of mouth. Winners of free giveaways are likely to share their luck with their friends and family. After all, wouldn’t you want to tell the people you know about any free giveaway you’ve received?

Whether you give freebies away through mailings, grassroots events, or even through blog giveaways, one fact is definitive: there are many benefits your company will enjoy!

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