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Your Small Business Website and the Law

Discover how wide a range of legal website content issues could affect your small business and how to protect yourself.

How to Write Your Small Business Social Media Policy

More businesses across the country are being slapped with lawsuits for improper termination due to employee social media use. Use this article as a guideline to construct your own company social media usage policy.

How to Answer the Legal Counsel Question

Learn how hiring proper legal counsel is important for all small business owners in any industry.

Small Business Success: Mitigating Legal Issues

Running a small business means addressing a variety of legal issues successfully. Learn about the common legal issues in business, how to start on the right foot – and stay there – when it comes to legal protection.

Legal Issues in Business: What You Should Know

Business owners have to keep track of many details in order successfully run their business. One of the aspects of business ownership that should be at the forefront of their minds is that there are many legal issues in business.

Protect Your Small Business with Business Contracts

There was a time when business deals were solidified with a handshake. Not anymore!

Small Business Lawyers: How & When To Hire a Business Lawyer

A good lawyer is an important component of any business, big or small. His/Her knowledge can help you to negotiate through the complex legal and financial maze of your business - and also help you to avoid any speed bumps along the way.

Types of Business Laws: Small Business Formation Laws & More

If you are planning to start a business, it is essential that you know the laws pertaining to different aspects of your proposed venture. Failure to do so can result in serious problems and land you in financial or legal trouble.

Importance of Written Business Contracts: Laws & Negotiations

Contracts are a very important part of your small business. They secure your business and any deals and agreements related to it. Many small business owners are not too fond of business contracts, as they do not want to offend their clients. But your insistence on using contracts shows your professionalism - and goes a long way toward protecting all parties involved.

Business Legal Issues: Handling The Legal Aspects of Business

If you are starting a small business, you have several responsibilities. Like any other business, there are several legal aspects to owning a small business which, if not dealt with properly, may land you in the midst of lawsuits.