Friday, March 5, 2021
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Personal Tax Tips

No one likes filing their personal taxes. Transform this stressful process into a fast and simple one with these great personal tax tips.

Self-Employed Business Deductions You Need to Know

You have probably heard of a home office deduction for the self-employed before, but there are other lesser known deductions you should consider.

Small Business Tax Help

Be the tax-savvy entrepreneur. Read our small business tax help, which includes information on the tax advantages of owning a small business.

10 Often Overlooked but Frequently Helpful Small Business Tax Deductions

Make sure you take these 10 potential tax deductions that are often overlooked by small business owners.

Who Should You Trust to Prepare Your Small Business Taxes?

Not all tax advisors are created equal. Learn about whether a CPA, tax attorney, or tax preparer is best equipped to help your business with its tax filings.

4 Overlooked Small Business Tax Deductions

Are you taking full advantage of all the tax deductions for your small business? Learn about four often overlooked allowable tax deductions that can help reduce your tax bill this year.

6 Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid This Year

The start of a new year also means it is time to start preparing for tax filing. Make sure you do not commit these six common tax filing mistakes this year.

The Guide to Tax Filing Deadlines

Never miss a tax deadline again. Take advantage of our helpful guide that outlines all of the tax deadlines and extensions to help you meet all of your filing requirements.

Your Home Office: A Source of Tax Deductions

Many small business owners are missing a major tax deduction: their home office. Read this article to learn about the restrictions and guidelines that can allow you to fully deduct your home office space.

5 Things You Should Do Before You Have Your Taxes Prepared

With 2009 at a close, tax season is just around the corner. Take advantage of these tips to help get your small business taxes ready for an easy filing.

4 Ways to Stay Ahead of New Business Tax Laws

Tax laws can be confusing, especially with the constantly changing stipulations for business filings. Learn where and how to get information about new business tax laws to ensure your company is poised for the most tax benefits.

Business Licenses: Which Type Do You Need?

Believe it or not, many small business owners neglect to obtain the necessary licenses that allow them to legally operate their business in the city or town in which they live. This is a serious mistake.

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