Communicate Your Message: Grab Attention, Convey the Message

What should I do to market my small business? This is a question that is often asked by small business owners all over the world. To be honest, there are no fixed solutions. However, there are 7 basic strategies that you can use to market your small business.
  1. Grab Their Attention

    The marketing plan for your small business should grab the attention of your potential customers.

    You have to let your potential customers know that you exist. You have to pass your message to them in the best possible way. You have to reach out to as many of them as possible. This can be accomplished by using a clever punch line in your advertisements or a catchy title in an article.

    The point is to communicate to your potential customers – and to communicate very well.

  2. Tell Them What They Get

    Your marketing message should be short and clear.

    Customers are not interested in how you do things. They are not interested in long discourses about the technology you use and how it is different from what your competitors are using. They are more concerned about what they get.

    This is a selfish world. People always look at a product or service from the point of view of what they gain from it and not how they are going to get it. Your marketing plan should factor in this market rationale in order to succeed.

  3. Convey Your Message Effectively

    Once you grab their attention, tell them about your products or services. Again, the thrust should not be on how you will provide your services or product but what benefits they gain from it.

    Communicate to them in more detail about what you want to sell. The more effectively you convey your message, the better the rapport that you build with your customers.

    Communicate the benefits of your products or services in figures wherever possible; something like “50% more for the same price as the competition”.

  4. How to Communicate Your Message

    There are many ways to communicate your marketing message. It can be an advertisement, a brochure, a poster, a billboard or an online video or article marketing.

    Grab their attention – show them what you can provide – and offer information that they need and arouse their curiosity. They will become confident of your capabilities and will want to know more about your products and services.

  5. Convince Them That You Are the Best

    Once your customers are confident about your capabilities and know what you can offer them, emphasize that you are very good at providing what they need.
    Try to find out the details of what they want or expect – and then tell them that your product or services will be able to meet their requirements in the best possible way.

  6. Go for the Kill

    After you have established this level of communication with your customers, it is time to go in for the sale.

    Your potential customers already know that you can provide the best product or services, so why wait? Strike while the iron is hot – ask for the order and clinch the deal.

  7. Put it in Writing

    A word of caution here – make sure there is a written agreement of what you are going to provide. This builds trust and eliminates false expectations and disputes that could be avoided. Finalize everything in black and white and get ready to start the work.

    Following these basic marketing tips to grab attention, convey the message and communicate your message clearly will help to improve your marketing plan and customer relationships.

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