Connecticut Business Licensing

Important Points:

  • A business license is required for certain types of businesses in Connecticut.

How to Get a Business License in Connecticut:

  • If you plan to hire at least one employee, contact the Internal Revenue Service to get a Federal Employer’s Identification Number, and to request your w-4, SS-4, Circular E and Publication 334 forms.
  • Register your business entity online with the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Serves.
  • Use Smart Start, a program that offers business licensing and start up help, to determine what license or permit you need to operate your business and to learn about the application procedures. You can also call Smart Start at 1-800-392-2122.
  • Contact your city and county government for specific zoning, permitting, and licensing regulations.

Connecticut State Sales Tax:

  • Connecticut state sales tax is 6% on retail sale, lease, or rental of most goods.
    • See a list of tax exempt items.
    • No additional sales taxes imposed by local jurisdictions

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