Customer Testimonial Template – Copy/Paste to Get Rave Reviews

Customer testimonials can help you get more business. Use this customer testimonial template to make it easy for clients to share rave reviews about you.
customer testimonial template

Use this customer testimonial template to make it easy for clients to share rave reviews about your business.

Customer testimonials help your prospects see how you have solved problems for other clients similar to them. When they can identify with your existing clients and understand how their peers are benefiting from your products and services, it builds trust and makes them comfortable, which can lead to them hiring you.

So what’s the best way of asking for a testimonial? Here is a customer testimonial template that you can use to get your customers to say good things about your products and services.

Getting a Rave Review

Once a client has agreed to give you a testimonial, your focus should be on getting words that paint a picture for your prospects. Some clients will be inclined to give positive but vague testimonials. “ABC Company is the best!” is a nice sentiment, but is not the most convincing statement to your leads. You want your client testimonials to be as specific as possible, and preferably tell a story.

This is a more compelling account: “ABC Company was essential in our data migration process. They advised us on what products best suited our needs, then had us up and running again in just 3 hours!” This story explains how your company helped and the exact results they got.

Put This in Your Customer Testimonial Template

To guide your clients into writing rave reviews, give them a list of questions to think about. Copy these questions into a client testimonial template that you can use for all of your best clients:

  • Why did you seek our services?
  • How did you benefit from working with our company?
  • What are the most significant results from your work with our company?
  • What would you say to a potential client who was considering working with our company?

Offer a Customer Testimonial That They Can Edit

Some businesses draft a customer testimonial for their client to edit and tweak as they see fit. If you use this method, base the draft off of what your client has told you in the past. If they commended you on your efficiency or how much money you have saved them, weave those specific points into your draft.

The benefit of doing this is that you can nudge your client into giving the kind of customer testimonial that is useful to you.

Video Testimonials

If you work near your clients and see them regularly, ask if they would be open to a video testimonial. Interview your client by asking the same questions from your client testimonial template. Record their response on your mobile phone. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect – people who watch will be more interested in the content than your video making skills.

For clients that are out of town, you can use video sharing tools like Skype and record your conversation. You can also ask to meet up a common conference or event that both of you attend. Set aside a few minutes in a quiet location to record your video testimonials with multiple clients at the event.

Edit each video testimonial so that it is no longer than 1 or 2 minutes and highlights the reasons why a prospect would want to hire you. Do a handful of videos to fill out a web page of client video testimonials to enhance your website.

Prospects expect you to be biased and say your business is the best, but a client who praises your services is more likely to be trusted. It also shows that you build positive, lasting relationships with your clients. Be sure to approach clients for testimonials regularly, so that you consistently have one that is relevant to your recent work.

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