Friday, September 25, 2020
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How Much to Tip: A Tipping Etiquette Guide

Yeah, yeah — 15 percent on restaurant bills. We all know that, but here you are with a table full of possible clients after the captain has just carved the roast at your table. Plus, the wine steward has visited to explain the finer points of selecting a merlot, and recommended his personal favorite. What do you do?

Delta Airlines offers this cut-out-and-stick-in-your-wallet guide to the finer points of tipping. Lesson one: no tip is ever less than a dollar — ever.

– Captain: Add 5 percent for meat carving or for dessert preparation/presentation at the table.

– Wine steward: Up to 15 percent of the cost of the wine for special efforts, such as explaining the wine, pouring or giving a personal recommendation. Calling ahead to arrange a special wine is impressive, and a helpful steward should be appreciated.

– Buffet service: Tip normally those who serve the food and bring drinks.

– Restaurant musicians: It’s appropriate to offer in all cases. If you make a request, anything up to five dollars is fine.

– Coat check: $1 or up per coat.

– Restroom attendants: $1.

– Restaurant doormen: $2 – $5, depending on the weather and taxi procural.

– Maitre d’: He makes enough already. Keep your money.

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