4 Digital Marketing Analytics Tactics You Shouldn’t Overlook

Digital marketing analytics can interpret consumer behavior and measure the impact of your content, services, and products.
digital marketing analytics

There are many things you need to make sure you do when running a business. One is to implement tactics for digital marketing analytics, which include everything from pulling customer journey analytics to tracking business goals. 

Use Customer Journey Analytics

One of the most important tactics you’ll want to use is customer journey analytics. This method allows you to monitor your customer’s buying trends. It also helps you identify areas where they might not be spending much time or money. This marketing strategy can assist you in rethinking how your platform can attract them to that area. 

Customer journey analytics graphs are a visual way to help you understand your customers. You’ll find they’re filled with critical data, such as how to measure customer experience. 

This digital marketing analytics tactic will also walk you through the three stages of the customer journey: acquisition, activation, and adoption. 


Acquisition is the first stage in the customer journey. It occurs when a shopper is on the search for a particular product. They might look at your online store and contact a service representative with questions. 


The activation stage is when a patron invests in your product or service. After they do so, it will help them determine if their investment was worthwhile and if they’ll continue to use your business. 


As the last stage, adoption is when a customer starts to implement your product or service into their daily life. This process is an essential step for a business to succeed in. It not only provides free marketing but will encourage a repeat purchase. 

If you want to learn more about the customer journey and how the data can work for you, read The Ultimate Guide To Customer Journey Analytics | Woopra.

Track Your Content with Analytics

You’ll also want to make sure to track your content with digital marketing analytics. When you connect your content to an analytical system, it will examine engagement, performance, and where your content is scoring overall on the Internet. 

It will also highlight areas where you might need to grow or eliminate. For instance, the data might suggest that your social media presence is lacking. On the other hand, you might discover you need to rewrite product pieces for better engagement. 

In addition, content analytics can help reveal the type of content your customers are most interested in. Maybe your clients are interested in a specific topic, or perhaps one product outperforms the rest.

Overall, the main aspects analytics for content will monitor are: 

  • Web traffic
  • Engagement
  • Sales
  • Content authority
  • SEO performance 

Track Your SEO Marketing with Analytics

If you want to succeed as a small business, you need to use SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has plenty of benefits for your business. Some of these include:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Brand credibility and awareness
  • Mobile user conversion
  • Market shares

However, while useful, SEO marketing can be intricate. If you’re not carefully analyzing your trends, it could easily become a headache. 

Due to this, it’s ideal to use digital marketing analytics to track your SEO marketing. This is common across many tech industries, including SaaS, FinTech, and ecommerce. With online analytics platforms, you can inspect your company’s online data, see how your competitors are doing, and find crucial keywords to help you rank better in search engine results. 

Use Digital Marketing Analytics to Track Business Goals

You’ll also want to use analytics to track your business goals. This will help you recognize how you can succeed long-term, improve your time management, and where you need to spend more resources. 

Before you get to this stage, you’ll need to make sure to do a few things. One is to ensure you have pages that have a bit of traffic. If you put in a somewhat new content page, you won’t get the detailed information you’re looking for. 

In addition to this, consider your leads. Leads can help you get a better idea of your potential business goals within the next 6-12 months. 

Most analytic platforms will provide a clear look into your business goals by listing conversion rates, revenue, top products, and transactions. In the end, you might learn that you need to expand or rearrange your company. 

What Next?

Digital marketing analytics are a useful way to interpret consumer behavior and measure the impact of your content, services, and products. By keeping these four digital analytics tactics in mind, you can strategically boost your approach to business. 

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