Do I Need a Business Attorney?

Do I Need a Business Attorney?

As you venture into the creation of a new small business, you may have a lot of questions. Many of these questions can be easily answered by doing research on the Internet.

Other parts of this information may well be a little touchier. You should consult with a business attorney so you know what to do and how to deal with various situations you may encounter, such as:

  • Business Name – Want to use a fictitious name to run your business? A business attorney may well be your best friend in this venture.

    When you are choosing a name, it is important that you select one that is not being used elsewhere. It should also not be trademarked or copyrighted, to save you from legal trouble down the road.
  • Taxes – A business attorney can tell you how best to structure your business for tax purposes.
  • Liability – Making sure you are protected, should something go wrong with your company, is vital.

    Depending on the business structure you have selected, you may be personally liable for any legal actions or debts incurred by your company.
  • Licensing and Registering – Whether it’s permits, licenses or business registration, there is a lot of legal paperwork that goes along with being in business.

    While you can do most of this yourself, making mistakes can mean big trouble from local, state and federal regulators.
  • Contracts – Probably the most popular use of a business attorney is the job of checking over contracts to make sure they are in your best interest before you sign.

These are just a few of the roles a business attorney can serve for your small business. If you think you have all of these under control, you may not need an attorney’s help.

If not, you may want to consider looking for an attorney to keep an eye out for your small business’ best interests.

I need help with:

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