Does Your Small Business Need an "App"?

You hear it all the time: “download our free app!” Whether it is filled with recipes for grocery shopping or one that helps you find where you park, free apps abound.

While we talk a great deal about getting your small business online with a website and hooked into social sites, another easy, cheap, and great way to get your business in the hands of your customers is by having them download a unique app made just for your business.

However, how do you create an app? Is it difficult? Is it expensive? Here we answer these questions and give you some guidance on how to create a downloadable app just for your business.

Consider the Purpose

Why do you think your business needs an app? Perhaps you own a real estate sales business and want to update your clients about new listings. That’s a great way to solve a problem and utilize a business function. However, you could create an app that is fun and helps people remember your business name. Whatever it does, be sure it brings value to your customers, as well as your business.

Choose Your Developer

You can hire a developer to create your app. They’re expensive, but they are the best choice for creating a custom app. Alternatively, you can easily create apps using DIY software programs. The new Google program, App Inventor, will be available soon for practically anyone to create apps for their Android smartphones. AppMakr is another easy app creator for the iPhone.

Choose a Platform

Do you want your app to work for iPhone? Droid? How about Blackberry? With so many smartphones available, each with a different operating and developer language, it can be tough to choose. Free DIY builders can make it easy to develop multiple apps for each platform. However, perhaps you want to focus specifically on iPhone users, or your budget relegates your choice to only one. Be sure you carefully analyze the best platform for your customers.

Remember, the most important thing to consider is how your customers will use your business app, and whether it will benefit your business.

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