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7 Email Newsletter Benefits That You May Have Overlooked

Email newsletter benefits include getting repeat website visitors, building mindshare, and spreading the word about your expertise. Even if you have great content and lots of visitors coming to your site already, an email newsletter, often used for business email marketing, can provide immense value to grow bigger and faster.

My last business, MailerMailer, consistently got new clients 2-3 years after first meeting them… all because of our email newsletter. If you’re company doesn’t have a newsletter, you’re losing touch with all of those contacts you spent cash acquiring.

Email Newsletter Benefits

Here are 7 email newsletter benefits, including some that you may have overlooked:

  1. Catch them while they’re reading. Website visitors may not regularly think to come back to see the newest information you have. When you offer them a newsletter, they can get snippets of news in the channel they view daily: their email.
  2. Offer customized content. Subscribers can select the types of content they want. Your newsletter will spoon-feed it to them so they aren’t required to search through your site for new material.
  3. Get visitors to return. Avoid posting an entire article in your newsletter. Instead, provide a snippet with a link to the post on your website. This way, your readers can scan through items and click to view the full article (or video, etc.).
  4. Track interest to create more related content. Sending content via a newsletter also provides additional tracking information so you, as the website owner, see the types of content that interests the reader the most. You can use this insight to create additional content on the most popular topics.
  5. Create list segments to increase response rates. Email newsletter metrics are different than website logs because you can then segment your list based on activity (i.e., who clicked what) to target future emails.
  6. Forwarding expands your reach (and revenue). Email newsletters can also be forwarded and shared with others. This is like having an outside marketing or sales force spreading the word about you without costing you any money. This, in turn, builds more engagement and drives repeat website visits, which increases your ad revenue.
  7. Sell sponsorships. You can also sell additional sponsorships within or subscriptions to the newsletter, providing an added revenue stream.

Easy Tools to Start Your Email Newsletter

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