What is the Entrepreneur Mindset? How to Think Big to Grow Big

The entrepreneur mindset separates a successful small business from one that struggles. See how to think like an entrepreneur to grow a thriving business.
entrepreneur mindset

The entrepreneur mindset is what differentiates a successful small business from one that will stay tiny or struggle forever. Here’s how to think like an entrepreneur so you can build a thriving business.

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What is the Entrepreneur Mindset?

Imagine yourself a year from now… you’re having a company celebration to mark a milestone that you set.

You’ve got clients, staff, partners and maybe even a friend or two coming to celebrate with you.

Are you in the back chopping the veggies and cheese for the food platters at the event?

No, of course not! You outsourced that task to a caterer.

That’s because you leverage other people’s time and expertise so you can focus on what you do best. That’s the entrepreneur mindset: using other resources, such as people and tools, to get things done faster. Treat yourself like you’re a boss and not your assistant.

If you insist on doing everything yourself, you will always be your own assistant. You will never having the time to build a company because you’re spending your time on things others can do more efficiently and cheaper.

When you stop being your own assistant, you start becoming a leader. That mental shift empowers you to spot new opportunities, negotiate better deals, and find ways to get more things done faster.

The Most Important Question of the Day

Ben Franklin used to ask himself every morning:

  • What good shall I do today?

When he retired for the evening, he reflected:

  • What good have I done today?

Good ol’ Ben had an entrepreneurial mindset. He challenged himself everyday to do big things that made an impact on people’s lives.

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to stay on task given all of the financial and resource difficulties you face. To help you focus, ask yourself this question every morning and follow through with appropriate actions:

  • What is the most important use of my time today?

Think big, act big, and big things will happen. That is the entrepreneurial mindset in action.

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