12 Business Affirmations for Entrepreneurial Success

These 12 business affirmations can help you focus, stay motivated, and bring about positive growth for your small business. Free download as Word or PDF.
Business Affirmations Download - Microsoft Word and PDF Formats

Many people credit their business success to behavioral changes that started with business affirmations. Here are 12 business affirmations that you can use to focus, stay positive and bring about positive growth for your small business.

You can also download these business affirmations in Microsoft Word or PDF format to tweak so they align with your life goals. Then, post them next to your desk for motivation.

Business Affirmations

Using affirmations for business isn’t hocus pocus. Your mindset is everything. It shapes how you think about your possibilities. It also creates awareness of opportunities that are at your doorstep. Entrepreneur affirmations can help you align your business goals with your actions.

When you use these business affirmations, you activate the law of attraction and achieve the entrepreneurial success that you dream about.

1. Understand Yourself

“I pledge to understand myself and the motivations for my actions and goals knowing that my habits and attitude become part of my venture.”

2. Have a Sense of Urgency – Getting Things Done

“I pledge myself to develop a leadership style that gets things done, a style based on action not conversation. I will cultivate a sense of urgency.”

3. Apply Yourself – Don’t be Lazy

“I realize that success will only come through my efforts and hard work. I pledge to avoid the temptation of laziness and push my business to success and prosperity one day at a time.”

4. Be Organized

“I realize that being organized in pursuing my goals is the foundation to building a successful business. I will strive to avoid chaos and confusion.”

5. Keep Your Emotions in Check

“I will work to avoid actions based on my moods and emotions to create an atmosphere of stability in my company.”

6. Master the Art of Saying No

“I will understand that saying ‘no’ is not negative thinking, but a survival skill. To prosper, I will learn to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands from employees, suppliers, and customers.”

7. Practice the “Golden Rule” in All of Your Affairs

“I will strive to be honest in all my affairs, as I know that dishonest dealing and greed will taint my ethics, diminish my self worth, and cloud my decision-making skills.”

8. Avoid the Perils of Expansion

“I understand that the size of my business is unrelated to its success. I will grow my business at a pace that allows me to stay in control of my life.”

9. Ask and Follow Up

“I regularly ask customers for their business and continue to find new ways to sell my products and services. I will follow up with prospects in a timely manner to generate more sales.”

10. Manage your Money: Your Most Important Asset

“I view cash flow as my most important asset and will pay my employees, my bills, and my taxes on time. I will also invest my profits into growing my business.”

11. Recognize the Risk

“I will assess risk before committing my money, my lifestyle, my future, and my business.”

12. A Sure Way to Fail: Quit too Soon!

“I understand that quitting too soon is planning to fail. I will stay with my business regardless of its problems as long as it is my choice.”

Success requires skill, resources, and positive behavior reinforced by maturity, honesty, and perseverance. While there is also an element of luck, think of it as dessert and not the main entrée.

These entrepreneur affirmations will activate the law of attraction and help you live the life of your dreams.

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