How to Start a Legal Essay Writing Business

Starting an essay writing business is a great option for people who love to write. It allows you to earn money doing what you love.
essay writing business

Starting an essay writing business is a great option for people who love to write. It allows you to leverage your creative talents to build a company or simply earn extra income doing what you love.

You may have heard a myth about whether starting an essay writing business is legal due to copyright or other concerns. Fear not, it is a perfectly legitimate endeavor. Read this article about how to get started.

We’ll cover:

  1. Reasons to start writing business
  2. First steps
  3. Pros and cons of writing business
  4. Reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to start writing business
  5. The ideal team: what does it look like?
    • Where to look for ideal candidates
    • Where to look for clients
  6. Legal Writing Business

Reasons To Start an Essay Writing Business

Many are faced with the problem of writing articles, posts, content. Most people lack the time and the necessary writing skills. All this leads to disastrous results. The solution to this problem is to contact the cheap paper writing service. It is there that a professional in their field works, who will do the job at the highest level. More and more often people turn to such agencies. The result is great articles and time savings.

That is why the writing business is a very promising and profitable direction. However, in the first stages you will have to face difficulties:

  • First, it is difficult to find experienced copywriters. Not everyone who considers himself a copywriter can write high-quality and professional texts. When it comes to copywriting in English, knowledge of the language is very important.
  • Secondly, it will be difficult to find a lot of clients at the initial stage. A large flow of orders is very important for the writing business. This means that customers should always need content.

Let’s take a look at why start your own copywriting agency. And why is it completely legal!

First Steps

The first and one of the most important steps in starting an essay writing business is the face of your company. Clients should trust your company, you should have a good reputation. This is the only way to interest the client. It is best to have a publicly available site with your work, and probably reviews. At any time you can support the proposal with examples. It’s not worth writing with a proposal without a portfolio and specific cases. Your portfolio should speak volumes about your positive qualities. You have to answer the question: Why should your company be chosen by a client? 

It is very important that your articles are expert. For example, if you are writing an essay about the benefits of some vitamins, then a real pharmacist must believe you. Decide on the topics where you can show the greatest expertise. The better you satisfy the client, the greater the chance of further cooperation. Also, you will get recommendations as a responsible business. So, it is very important to look at all of the startup resources you need steps before starting your essay writing business.

Pros And Cons of Essay Writing Agency


  • high consumer demand
  • business is not limited by territorial boundaries
  • no need to pay for rent, software and hiring a large number of employees
  • failure with one client does not affect other projects
  • minimal investment at the start


  • difficulty in finding clients at the start
  • growing competition

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Start Writing Business

The question of legality appears to many who have ever come across the services of copywriting agencies. Unfortunately, like in other areas, there are scammers. And that is why there is a myth that the copywriting business itself is illegal. This is not true at all. It is enough just to follow a few measures to fully ensure legality.

  1. Be open about the location of the company. Of course, employees may be located in different parts of the world, but the company is registered in a certain country.
  2. Respect confidentiality. The disclosure of customer data is completely unacceptable.
  3. Hire only trusted employees (more on that later).
  4. Do not infringe copyrights of other people’s content. Doing so can destroy your essay writing business.
  5. Register your business officially.
  6. Pay taxes.

The Ideal Team: What Does It Look Like?

The optimal solution for organizing a writing business is remote work without formal employment. Namely, leading a team of freelancers.

Not everyone is capable of working responsibly remotely. An office is needed only in the presence of large-scale projects when fast cooperation of the entire team is needed. At the moment, there is a lot of software for remote team management on the Internet to build your essay writing business. That is why it will not be difficult for you to distribute tasks between employees remotely and monitor the deadline.

Recruiting freelancers for a team is a very important process. You need responsible professionals in their field. Only then can you avoid conflict with customers.

To be confident in the employee, when hiring, give a test task, set a trial period. Make sure the freelancer is following the requirements clearly.

The main task at this stage is to understand whether the candidate is a professional in his field.

Where To Look For Ideal Candidates

  1. Explore personal blogs and copywriter sites

You will likely come across above-average payments in the market. However, it is still worth considering this option. On the sites you can see the portfolio and reviews. This will help make sure the copywriter is professional.

  1. Freelance sites

Thousands of people look at vacancies on freelance sites every day. It is very important for you to write down the requirements for the candidate and describe your expectations. This way, you will filter out inappropriate freelancers. Be sure to check the professionalism of the candidate using a test task. Usually, you can also read the reviews about the freelancer on the site.

  1. Ask colleagues

If you have friends who can recommend a copywriter, contact them. Ask for advice where they were looking for responsible and professional copywriters.

Where To Look For Clients

In addition to the search for contractors, an important step is also the search for customers for your essay writing business.

There are several basic resources for finding customers.

  • Freelance exchanges, message boards, communities in social networks

A lot of people who need essays post ads on freelance sites. You can respond to customer suggestions. It is very important to make your response unique and different from others. After all, the customer will choose you among the rest. Reinforce portfolio response and reviews.

  • Don’t forget that a lot of academic work is also required for students. Essay writing is in great demand. Think back to your student days. How often did you need help writing an essay? If you have no experience in academic writing, then research your competitors. And also the criteria by which students choose performers.

However, to find a lot of customers and establish long-term cooperation is not easy. Do not forget about a competent marketing campaign and advertising. Do not forget that later you will also be recommended. You will be able to receive clients based on recommendations from past acquaintances. Therefore, work on your reputation and quality of service.

Legal Writing Business

The legal essay writing business is a very promising and profitable direction. The start-up costs are low and the risks are minimal. For your business to be legal, you only need to comply with the law and data confidentiality. In the initial stages, it will be difficult to find repeat customers. However, you need to build a competent team and an impressive portfolio. All of this suggests that starting a legal business on essays and other content is easy. This requires a minimum investment, but a maximum concentration on the company’s reputation.

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