2009’s Fastest Growing Franchise Opportunities

Franchises are one of the best ways to enter into the world entrepreneurship. Learn about the fastest growing franchise opportunities and the options that might prove most lucrative for you.

Owning a franchise can provide much of the reward associated with business ownership, with only a fraction of the risk. Acquiring one of the top growing franchises available is an especially lucrative opportunity.

Before you begin your search for the fastest growing franchises, be sure to consider which category of business best suits your needs and personality. There are bound to be several top growing franchises to be had of several different varieties.

Fast Food

Convenience is always in demand, and as long as society continues to move further into the passing lane, fast food will be a profitable business opportunity. Fortunately, there are several excellent options on this list, which are also some of the fastest growing franchises on the market.

  • Subway: Subway remains number two on Entrepreneur’s 100 fastest growing franchises list for 2009. This long-established franchise opportunity is a great way to capitalize on the healthier eating trend. This franchise is also very flexible in that it supports traditional and non-traditional locations alike in all 50 states and abroad.
  • McDonalds: The Golden Arches still hold the most recognizable franchise name worldwide and number 13 on Entrepreneur’s 100 fastest growing franchises for 2009. How many times have you heard of a failing McDonald’s restaurant?
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shops: The appeal of owning a Jimmy John’s, which appears as number 23 on Entrepreneur’s 100 fastest growing franchises list for 2009, is the uniqueness presented by the exclusivity of the club. There are less than 900 franchises established in the entire United States, presenting a plethora of options for locating one of these top growing franchises.


People are being bombarded more and more every day with the message that they need to make time to exercise. The constant reminders from television ads, books, and doctors have led to fitness locations becoming some of the top growing franchises available to own, with three appearing inside Entrepreneur’s top 10 on their list of 100 fastest growing franchises for 2009.

  • Snap Fitness: This franchisor appears at number five on the 2009 fastest growing franchises list. Snap Fitness is a good choice because the progressive concept allows members 24 hour access with a key card, and the business only requires one employee to run, which keeps costs lows for everyone.
  • Jazzercise, INC: Jazzercise holds steady in its popularity and ranks as number seven on the list of fastest growing franchises for 2009. The key selling points of this successful franchisor are extremely low start up costs and franchise fees.
  • Anytime Fitness: Ranked ninth on the 2009 list of fastest growing franchises, Anytime Fitness is similar to Snap Fitness, but with more security options and franchisee support.

These are but a sampling of the many available top growing franchises available for your consideration. Other industries such as tax preparation, coffee shops, and cleaning services have some fastest growing franchise opportunities as well. If these are more your cup of tea, read up on the top franchisors in your favorite category.

There should be an opportunity suitable for every potential business owner. Ample amounts of research should yield several top growing franchises appropriate for your goals.

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