3 Tips to Secure Franchise Financing

Financing a franchise is just as difficult as starting a brand new business from scratch. Learn practical solutions for franchise financing and creative ways to secure start-up capital.

Starting a franchise is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Many businesses have created plans that are easy to implement, and in a matter of weeks, a franchisee can have a fully operational venture.

However, financing for franchises is much like any other start-up venture. There is a certain amount of capital necessary to open one’s doors. Aspiring entrepreneurs can take a variety of different approaches to secure the funding to get started. Here are some of the most common and lucrative ways to tackle franchise financing:

  1. Personal Financing. Personal franchise financing involves using money from a savings account or borrowing it from a friend or relative. It is one of least complex options for franchise financing; however, it features some risks that entrepreneurs must understand.

    First, if personal savings are invested in a franchise opportunity, there is no protection or security for those funds. Once the money has been used for franchise financing, there is no turning back. Secondly, friends and family may have the financial resources to put up the financing for franchises, however, it’s possible that relationships could be strained if the venture is not a profitable one. It is difficult to keep personal and professional matters separate when money is involved.

    Finally, personal financing requires a certain degree of risk, and that risk should never impact the entrepreneur’s financial future. Dipping into retirement accounts or college savings funds should not be an option, even for a seemingly fool-proof franchise financing endeavor.

  2. Loans for Franchise Start-Ups. Another practical option for franchise financing is a loan. The key here is to protect personal assets above all else. Whenever possible, loans for franchise operations should not be based solely upon the entrepreneur’s personal credit.

    Shift as much responsibility and liability into the name of the business from the start. This will reduce the risk of destroying one’s personal financial future if the venture does not prosper. Loans for franchise opportunities are generally easy to obtain, depending on the reputation and history of the franchise name.

  3. Creative Loans for Franchises. Finding loans for a franchise isn’t limited to traditional methods. If there is a need for additional start-up capital, seeking out a business partner or investor is possible. Perform research on the market and develop a strategic plan. Finding financing for franchises is easier with the right data, projections and numbers in place.

    Planning ahead will demonstrate zeal and enthusiasm on behalf of the entrepreneur, thus making franchise financing more attractive to a business partner, angel investor or venture capitalist.

Just like any other venture, starting and operating a franchise is not a walk in the park. While franchises may provide more track records than simply starting your own idea, the financial risks are certainly hefty.

Financing for franchises should be approached with the same degree of detail and respect as if the entrepreneur were starting a brand new business. A targeted approach to franchise financing is the first step in securing financial and professional security for the future.

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