4 Ways to Find Your Blogging Niche

Starting a blog may be fun and inspiring, but the choice of the topic may become a somewhat tricky task. Here's how to find your blogging niche.
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A decision to start blogging may be fun and inspiring, but the choice of the topic may become a somewhat tricky task. Different advisors provide plenty of methods to define your own path, but they mostly fall into several simple categories. Here are 4 ways to find your blogging niche.

1. Write About Your Interests

Yes, it’s that simple. The things you love doing are often the best topics for your blog. People love genuine inspiration and see when you truly admire what you write about. The next step up the coolness ladder is combining several hobbies into your blogging niche. Do you love both fashion and writing essays on clothes? Try to write about today’s trends in the fashion world and find the best outfits every person should try on!

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One of the best ways to define the area of your interest is a so-called mind map. Make a list of your interests and try to find connections between them. Mark these connections with arrows and write how they are called, be it sports, fashion, fantasy cooking, or gaming study. Where do your interests overlap the most? Are you interested in writing about them? You may make several mind maps and then compare them if you have very different areas of interest. You don’t have to connect everything: it’s just a tool to help you find your absolutely unique niche.

2. Become an Expert in Your Blogging Niche

Sometimes we read blogs not for recreation and enjoyment but for professional advice. This is another niche you can inhabit: become an expert in something. You may do it in any form, from showing off your personal work to writing theoretical articles about the basic principles of what you are doing.

It might be not as fun as the first way, but if your sphere of expertise is popular — or, on the contrary, extremely narrow, making you an informational monopolist — it is a great way to earn your faithful audience. To attract even more people, your blogging niche can have a question and answer format and sometimes directly deal with problems and topics that are important for your readers.

To start a professional blog, you should try and read your potential competitors’ works. What topics do they cover, and — what is more important — what topics are left blank? What can you say about it, will it be truly unique? If the answer is “yes,” you are ready to start!

3. Follow the Profit

Sometimes the right decision is just to choose the direction that brings money immediately. Cooking, fashion, tech reviews — such topics have a huge audience already, and the only thing you should do is to enter the mainstream. If your content can withstand the competition, you’ll get your readers or watchers almost for nothing.

It doesn’t mean that you can do what is profitable without any interest in it. You should have at least some passion and knowledge because the competition in the popular blogging sphere is very heated. So, it’s much better to combine this approach with the ones above. A perfect balance between the existing popularity and novelty is what you need for your niche.

4. Trial and Error Works

If you still can’t choose the topic for your blog, you may start it just like any other personal blog. Write about everything you are excited or concerned about, watch the feedback, and respond to it, gradually shaping your main topics that are interested both for you and your audience.

This is a long way to go, but also the most meditative one: you agree with yourself what is okay for you to write about and see what is okay for your readers to read about. By doing that, you may achieve the perfect balance between your interest and your popularity.

An approach you choose is only the first step and can always be changed. The principal things that make your blog popular are consistency, determination, and a bit of inspiration. The rest is adjustable in any way you want it. Good luck with your awesome blog and finding the right audience!

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