Generate Leads Using This IT Checkup Checklist

Generate more leads by posting our new guide, The IT Checkup Checklist, as a download on your website. Use it with our integrated form to capture contact information from web visitors. This works much better than a lonely contact form that doesn't offer a strong incentive for prospects to connect with you. Read how to leverage this guide to build your pipeline.

Here’s a guide that you can offer as a download on your website to generate leads: The IT Checkup Checklist.

Generate Leads

This document is a one-page checklist of questions that gets IT prospects to think about gaps in their use of technology.  Each question includes a short description on why the specific topic, such as data backup or malware, is important.

Readers see a wide range of IT topics that they may not have considered – or if they rely on an outside firm (maybe your competitors) to manage their IT, the IT Checkup Checklist offers questions to ask, which can lead to conversations with you.

The IT Checkup Checklist contains a wide range of questions to get prospects thinking about IT issues they may have overlooked. The question above focuses on ensuring a proper patch management strategy.

Add Your Logo and Contact Details

You can customize The IT Checkup Checklist with your logo and contact information and save it as a PDF for distribution via email or online. Since the document is provided in Microsoft Word format, you can easily modify it with text tweaks as well.

You can even print it out and mail it to prospects and clients. Include it as an insert in your next set of invoices. Use as a “leave behind” at your next prospect meeting. Offer it as a way to stay connected with people you call.

This checklist allows small IT companies to have marketing material that is educational in nature rather than a sales piece that usually gets thrown away.

Lead Magnet

The IT Checkup Checklist can be used as a lead magnet on your website. A lead magnet is something that draws in qualified leads for your business. It provides visitors with an incentive to contact you.

Think about your website. If you use a generic contact form as your primary way for prospects to connect, there is no compelling reason for a visitor to reach out to you.

On the other hand, when you offer a useful document as a free download, you motivate your website visitors to share their contact information in exchange for the checklist.

Even if you have been thinking about redoing your site, you can post this guide for downloading from your website now to start attracting more business. It will help you convert your website visitors into qualified leads.

You can continue using the checklist and integrated lead capture form when you update your site. This way, you don’t have to wait to generate leads. You can capitalize on whatever you have in place for your site right now without making any changes.

This guide is included in’s MSP Website Content Kit. Download it here:

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