2010 Sees Greener Profits With “Green” Products

The eco-friendly green movement continues to build momentum. Learn about the green product trends for 2010 and how you can tap into the growing eco-market.

Green is the official color of environmental-friendly products, as well as the traditional color of money. Why not combine the two in 2010 and start creating green marketing ideas?

Consumers all over the world are becoming more environmentally aware. Reducing one’s “carbon footprint” has become a major goal for many people. In response to consumer “green” behavior, products have flooded the market to help with consumer environmental efforts – and 2010 shows only more signs of growth.

Companies Jumping on the Green Bandwagon

Even traditional companies are going “green” in response to consumer preferences. One example of a major brand offering green merchandise is the new Martha Stewart Clean line of products. These green products for general household cleaning are 99% made from plant and mineral-based materials.

Stewart recently announced her green product line and said she is excited about offering cleaning solutions that are both safe and effective for environmentally-concerned citizens. The Martha Stewart Clean product line can be bought online or at Home Depot, which has negotiated an exclusive retail rights to the green products.

Beauty products are moving toward green marketing ideas as well. Mintel, a leading consumer, media, and market research group, has forecasted new green product beauty trends for 2010, including:

  • Mood

    Scents, sounds, and makeup are all part of new trends to help consumers feel better. 2010 will see an increase in green marketing of mood products, such as candles, garments, and cosmetics. For example, petroleum candles are increasingly replaced by soy candles, while polyester is taking a back seat to sustainably grown cotton and hemp.

  • Protection

    As environmental awareness continues to increase, consumers are continuing to focus on protection products. Skin care, hair care, and beauty products will increasingly offer natural products that shield from harmful sun rays, as well as man-made chemicals.

  • High-tech green products

    New advances in biochemistry has reached the beauty industry. Consumers can purchase green products that they can even mix at home for medical purposes, such as alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

Retail manufacturers are not the only ones capable of offering green products. Even the financial services sector has jumped in and begun green marketing for their financial services. Examples might be going paperless with email notifications and billing, rewards and discounts for green customer behaviors.

Going Green Internally

In addition to offering green products, companies want to entice new customers with their own green behaviors. Many companies, both retail and service, are renovating their manufacturing plants and office buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Green certification through the Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design (LEED) is a trend that many businesses are pursuing not only to attract customers to their environmentally friendly actions, but to save money on operations.

With trend numbers growing in the green product industry, it is obvious that consumers are demanding green products and new environmental innovation. 2010 will be a year that sees greater profits for green products and green marketing ideas. If you’re a small business who wants to tap into these growing numbers, consider what you can do to produce green products and make innovations to your green marketing strategy.

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