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4 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

It’s that time of year again: to take advantage of holiday promotions to bolster your bottom line. One of the tools you can use for your holiday sales promotions is holiday email marketing.

What can a holiday email do for your business? If you have been dutiful at collecting and building your email contact list, then a holiday email marketing campaign can get your sales jumpstarted or even put over last year’s mark. You can even offer helpful advice and tips to customers.

Here’s how you can get started today on your holiday email marketing:

Offer Special Deals

Especially in today’s economy, customers are looking for great holiday deals. Your holiday emails can contain valuable coupons for your customers. Free shipping still resonates amongst customers, as does a free gift with purchase. And don’t forget to encourage your holiday email recipients to forward your coupon to “friends and family” as well.

Give Exclusive Deals

One way to make your email receiver list appreciate your holiday emails is to offer exclusive deals or products only to those who receive your email. Make sure they know that their exclusive deal is not available to general customers or by catalog. This will make your customers value your mailing list, and the exclusivity will encourage them to act quickly to take advantage of the special offer.

Carefully Choose the Subject for your Holiday Email

With so much spam email contain in everyone’s inbox, it is important that you let your email receiver list know that your email is not spam and contains valuable information or coupons. During the holidays, other businesses are likely to send out holiday emails as well. Your job is to get through to your receiver and encourage the rest of the email to be read.

First, make sure your “sent by” address clearly shows that it was sent by your business. Your subject line should entice the receiver to open the email and read further. Hint at great money savings, or even promise of free gifts. “Save with 20% off and free shipping,” “Receive 50% savings on…” or “Free Gift Inside” will all entice your customers to open your email.

Offer Extras in Your Holiday Email

A holiday email marketing campaign doesn’t just have to solely focus on your business and making sales with every correspondence. Customers and email recipients like to be treated not just as customers, but as loyal friends as well. You might send one or two emails that gives something to your customer.

How about an email that offers great holiday stress advice? Or maybe some free holiday recipes? Perhaps you could send out some great holiday decorating tips. These types of emails help your receivers look forward to future correspondence and improve the chances that they will open and read your emails.

With the holiday sales period in full swing, you need to take advantage of holiday email marketing right away. Consider great offers you can give. Write great sales copy. Think and re-think your subject line. Then get your holiday email composed and sent to your loyal customers.

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