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Incorporating Social Media into Your Holiday Promotion Strategy

Like many giant retailers and department stores, you can increase your holiday sales through social media marketing. If you have been keeping up with building fans and friends with your business social media profiles, you can offer special holiday deals to your followers and reap more profit this holiday season.

The exponential popularity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook has resulted in new ways to reach market segments. Corporations like Starbucks, Target, and Macy’s have found a special marketing niche in the social media outlet that is expected to bring in top sales this year.

What are they doing? They are putting more effort and resources into their social media accounts to attract business. They are posting their holiday deals, enticing new customers, and encouraging the “viral” aspect of social media to help sell more products and make bigger profits.

The good news is that you can too! How? Here are a few strategies that are working for big corporations and small companies alike:

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Coupons

Why not offer your loyal followers a special coupon for a particular product or service? Or even just a coupon for 25 percent off any purchase? The people who follow you on social media are most likely already your target market. Reaching out to them and giving special deals simply because they are online fans not only helps sales, but also increases the loyalty your “fans” feel towards your company.

For instance, this summer, Starbucks utilized the power of social media marketing by submitting a coupon for a free pastry with any drink purchase. Nearly a million online users took advantage of that coupon. Other corporations have offered social media followers to try new products for free, or even a free gift simply for being a loyal fan.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Drive Traffic to your Website

Don’t forget that your business website is a valuable marketing tool. Your online sales will most likely occur through your own website. So why not entice social media fans and followers to see what’s new on your website?

Send out updates or post notifications of new happenings and provide a link to your website. Perhaps even offer a special “password” to your social media fans to access special deals on your site.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Get Viral

Remember that social media is a great way to get word of mouth marketing. With your holiday sale strategy, offer your social media fans a special deal for spreading the word. You could offer a two-for-one coupon, or a special thank you gift for new customer referrals.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Get Marketing Data

Market research is valuable data. You could get some valuable information about your customers by offering a special gift or coupon for social media followers who take a simple survey. Make sure your survey includes important anonymous demographic data, questions about your business, or even a new product in development.

Your holiday sale strategy doesn’t have to be limited to the same old methods. Try including social media marketing in your holiday promotions. It’s easy – it only takes a little of your time – and the best part is that it’s free!

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