4 New Holiday Sales Ideas For This Year

Before Black Friday arrives, make sure your holiday sales strategy is ready to bring in cheerful profits to your business. Consider these four great new ides to get your holiday sales jump started.

‘Tis the season to begin the big holiday sales promotion for your small business! Holiday seasonal sales are the biggest sales of the year for some businesses. Their entire financial success depends upon it. Do you have a marketing strategy yet?

Although there are holiday sales tactics that are used year after year, new ideas for your holiday sales promotion can give you the extra boost your business needs. Just take a look at any of the major department stores for ideas. Here are some new ideas that might jump start your holiday seasonal sales:

  1. Tweet Your Way to Successful Holiday Sales

    Is your small business on Twitter? It should be. Twitter is fast becoming one of the hottest marketing tools for big or small business. Forming a new account is free and simple. All you need to do is gather your followers and “tweet” your business specials in 140 characters or less.

    Even office supply giant, Staples, has published that they will begin tweeting about their holiday sales promotions, particularly right after Thanksgiving. Their hope is that customers who want to avoid crowds on Black Friday and prefer cyber shopping will sign on and get the best deals on the internet. Why not publish your holiday specials for your loyal online followers as well?

  2. Promote Holiday Seasonal Sales Specials on Receipts

    You can always start seasonal promotions early with your current customers. Use your receipt paper to print holiday specials and coupons that customers can use, or simply attached a separate coupon with every receipt. A quick reminder of holiday seasonal sales a month or two before Thanksgiving will give your current customers a head start and an insider coupon for great deals.

  3. Host an Open House

    Another good way to get old and new customers in your store is to offer an open house. Let customers and clients come into your shop so they can taste, touch, smell, look, and try out some of your products or services. Give free samples. Perform demonstrations. Nothing helps promote sales better than offering something for free. You can even try to gather your neighboring businesses to do a combined open house. Get them to invite their customer lists and enjoy a cross promotional open house with a variety of new potential customers.

  4. Sell Your Products on eBay

    Millions of holiday shoppers do their buying on eBay. It has become one of the key locations to find the perfect gift. You can easily set up a merchant account on eBay and begin selling your products via their auction or put them up for sale with their “Buy It Now” feature. Be sure to take detailed and bright photos of your products, and give clear instructions for payment and shipping. With eBay, you can reach an entire new market base and give shoppers an easy way to buy your products.

Holiday sales promotions are big business. Don’t get left behind the sales rush by sticking to the old-fashion holiday sales tactics. Use these or other new ideas to promote your holiday seasonal sales.

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