How to Build a Successful Cloud Reseller Business

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Cloud spending is projected to reach $216 billion in 2020, up from $175.8 in 2018, according to Forbes. With more and more businesses relying on the cloud, promising opportunities are emerging. If you want to capitalize on these developments and start a cloud reseller business, now’s the right time to venture into this fast-growing industry.

A reseller business allows you to be the middle person between the product developer and the customer. It eliminates the need for you having to develop a new product or set up your own infrastructure from scratch. Before starting a cloud reseller business, you need to create the right strategy. Here’s what you need to do.

Narrow Down Your Niche

Narrowing down your niche can help you reap substantial dividends down the road. There are plenty of cloud products and services that can be resold, ranging from storage, software licenses to servers stacks. Instead of reselling a multitude of things, narrow down your options and focus on one area.

Specializing in one or two products will help you build your brand consistently, make your business distinct, and help clients and prospective customers to recognize and associate you with a particular product or service. If you want to specialize in an online backup reseller program, you can look for experts who will help your business to grow and stand out from the rest.

Understand the Customer

If you want your business to have a promising future, then you need to keep your customers’ interests above everything else. Even before you venture into the cloud reselling business, do your due diligence to study your target customer. Learn about the challenges they face, their budget constraints, and the solutions they seek.

Research how market leaders operate, what other similar businesses are doing, and learn what they have left out in their products. With this information, you can anticipate what consumers want, and you’ll be in a position to roll out a product that the market will appreciate and utilize. Remember that if your product or service can’t give a client a solid reason to use it, your competition will beat you.

Locate Wholesalers

Once you know the product you want to offer and your target customer, it’s time to find a business supplier or provider who creates the product that you wish to sell. The wholesaler you pick plays a huge role in how your business will turn out. When selecting a provider to partner with, there are things you need to look for. First, check the quality of their product or service. Work with a company that has the best product, an impressive track record, and a good reputation.

Second, you will want to check the level of support they offer. Choose a company that offers round the clock support. This will help you to address emergencies or any issues your customers are facing on time. The provider you pick should also have extensive experience,  the best resources, superior technology, strong security measures, reasonable pricing, and customizable solutions.

Build a Sales Model

The approach you use to market your product determines how successful your cloud reseller business will be. To grab the attention of potential clients, you need to get the word out there. Recruit and train a team of marketing and sales professionals, who will help you to generate leads and close deals. Ensure you also select a provider that can help you improve your sales using methods such as co-branding, quality leads recommendations, and training.

Closing Thoughts

As a reseller, you act as the link between the customer and the cloud provider. To have a flourishing cloud reseller business, work with a provider who is dependable, supportive, and well-equipped. On your side, stay ahead of the latest trends, continuously improve your offline and online marketing efforts, and keep your current customers happy