The #1 Most Valuable Marketing Tool You Need for 2020

In this new decade, consider making AI your number one marketing tool. Here's how to apply it in sales and marketing to get more business.
ai for marketing

It’s the new year and time to adapt new marketing strategies that will take your business to newer heights. There’s been talk of many trends but the most important one you should pay attention to is artificial intelligence.

This technology has been around for quite some time now but it was only in the last five years did we see its application from verifying identities to providing personalized recommendations. In this new decade, consider making AI your number one marketing tool. Why? There’s many reasons for it.

AI Allows Real-Time Decision Making

Because AI thrives on constant data, it can help you make the right decisions in real time. Sure, listening to your gut can be useful but when it comes to millions of customer data, you’ll need more than just a gut feeling. You need numbers processed by an AI machine in just a few minutes so you can make that crucial decision. 

AI Can Encourage More Interaction

Online shopping nowadays is more than just looking for that one item in the eCommerce store. It’s about checking out items that you might be interested in and adding it to your card. This keeps customers engaged for longer since AI is able to provide product suggestions that are most relevant to them.

Furthermore, they can have their questions answered right away with the help of AI chatbot. The great thing about this software is that it nevers tires and can stay on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gets smarter the more data it receives allowing it to provide more accurate answers in future interactions. 

AI Redefines Marketing Roles

Speaking of customer service, you need to ditch the fear that AI will take over people’s jobs. If anything, AI will help refine them as it’s able to handle menial tasks, including marketing tasks, leaving the higher thinking jobs to humans. Think about it, if AI can spend minutes processing millions of data, that would free up humans hundreds of hours that they can better invest in solving problems that require more creativity.

AI Powered Content Creation

Content is king; that saying still holds true today. It’s even more important that you create relevant content that your customers like. Nowadays, it’s not enough to send out a banner and hoping people will buy from you. You need to build a relationship with your customer so they trust and remember you. That is more powerful than one loud marketing message they’ll only see one time prompting them also buy just this one time.

With a good content marketing plan, your brand lingers in your customers minds. And because you’ve created trust, they’re more likely to keep buying from you. You can supercharge that relationship with the help of AI. Learn the ideas and subjects about your products that your customers are most interested in and create content based on that.

This method of marketing keeps customers engaged with your brand longer. It’s also more effective in keeping them long-term rather than just one-time. 

AI Can Forecast Sales

Marketers don’t ever have to waste on inventory when AI can predict which products will sell the best. It looks into past customer behavior and trends to come up with these productions. As a marketer, you just need to highlight these best-selling products and prepare the right amount of inventory. Furthermore, the data AI provides can help your sales team to highlight features of your product that customers are most interested in.

AI Helps You Understand Customers

With AI feeding on data from customer behavior to sales insights, it’s able to understand who your customers are and what they want. Savvy marketers can use this information to their advantage by creating digital marketing campaigns with the right message at the right time.

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