How to Ensure Safe Product Shipping

How to Ensure Safe Product Shipping

If you are running a small business where you need to ship your products to your clients, then it is vital that your product reaches your clients intact. If not, your business’ reputation will suffer.

Here are some points to consider to ensure that the products that you ship reach your clients safely.

Pack Them As You Would Pack an Egg

It is important that you use proper packing materials, such as bubble wrap or recycled cardboard or even newspapers to ensure that products are not damaged during transit.

You can also use shrink-wrap to complete the final wrapping, so that products are not damaged if they somehow come in contact with water.

Use the Services of an Efficient Shipper

The transporter or courier that you use should be efficient and should have staff that is conversant in handling your products.

Inefficient staff is usually responsible for products reaching customers in a shabby or damaged state. Even if your shipper is marginally expensive, use their services if his deliveries are timely and safe.

If your shipper offers some type of guarantee, even better!

Ensure That You have Adequate Insurance

You should insure your products during transit and storage, so that you do not suffer financial losses if the product does not reach your customer, or arrives in a damaged condition.

This will ensure that you can at least send a replacement product quickly without worrying about losing money.

Get Feedback from Your Clients

You should call your clients and get their feedback regarding the promptness of delivery and the condition of your product at the client’s end. This will help you to change your packing methods or take your shipper to task if they are lacking in any area.

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