How to Get Clients for Content Writing: A Writer’s Guide

Here's a 4-step marketing plan designed just for writers: how to get clients for content writing. You'll have a roster of paying clients within weeks.
how to get clients for content writing

Learn how to get clients for content writing. Follow this 4-step mini-marketing plan and you’ll have a roster of paying clients within weeks.

How to Get Clients for Content Writing

If you wait for referrals to come on their own, you’ll be waiting a long time. Word of mouth isn’t a scalable marketing strategy, not for freelance content writing or any other business.

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To generate a steady influx of new leads, you first need to identify who could use your services and what exactly could/would they buy.

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Here’s a complete – and simple – process you can use to find qualified leads. This plan will show you exactly how to get content writing clients.


Step 1: Understanding What Your Customer Segment Wants and Why

If you want to be a successful content writer, it’s important to understand your customer segment.

  • What do they want?
  • Why do they want it?

These are the two questions you need to answer in order to create content that resonates with your target audience.

As a content writer, you want to find:

  • Companies who understand that they need regular blog content, ebooks, social media posts
  • Companies who may have tried to do this on their own but abandoned it because it took too much time
  • Companies who are posting content but not regularly

These 3 types of companies represent your ideal client profile.

how to get content writing clients

The best way to get to know your customer segment is to research them. This is an important step as you learn how to get client

s for content writing.

As you find companies’ websites that fit the client profile above, read their articles, blog posts, and forums to see what kinds of topics they’re talking about.

This will give you a good idea of the kinds of things they care about and the problems they’re trying to solve. Once you have a good understanding of your customer segment, you can start creating content that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals.

Step 2: Creating an Offer That’s Easy to Understand and Buy

If you offer content writing services on an hourly or other type of consulting rate, it will be confusing for prospects to know what they’re getting. That means they’ll take longer to hire you.

Looking at how to get clients for content writing, your packaging will set you apart from your competitors.

  • Create a “package” like: 800 word blog posts – 1 per month for $x, 2 for $y, 4 for $z.
  • Other ideas: 2500-word guides, 20-slide presentations, podcast or webinar moderation
  • Determine what niche you write about. The more expertise your content requires, the more you will get paid.
    • Ex: there are plenty of food, travel and fitness writers but few accounting, IT, or construction writers.
  • Create a website that includes this information, plus examples of your work

Step 3: Finding and Contacting Prospects

  • Do a Google search for companies that fall within your niche. Ex: “residential construction companies”
  • Visit their website to see if they have a blog already
    • Does it have regular posts or did they start and abandon it?
    • Does it look like they put money into building their site, but are missing regular educational blog posts?
    • Reach out to them to introduce yourself and offer your services. Ex: mention you saw that they hadn’t published new educational content in several months and that you could provide regular original material for them.
  • Contact 20–30 companies using this process

Step 4: Learning SEO to Add to Your Service Offering

Your Content Writing Mini Marketing Plan

I can practically guarantee you’ll generate a few clients for content writing within a couple of weeks. Set aside four hours each month to do this activity so you keep your prospect pipeline filled, which is important because some clients will churn.

Don’t wait for referrals. You’ll be waiting a long time. Be proactive using the 4-step actionable mini marketing plan above and you’ll get clients for content writing in no time.


Raj Khera is publisher of and a 3x CEO. Through his articles, business coaching services and frequent social media posts, he helps content writers and freelance writers find clients to grow their business.

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