How to Grow Your Business Using Twitter

With hundreds of millions of users and counting, Twitter is the quintessential social media platform. Here's how to grow your business using Twitter.
grow your business using twitter

Twitter, founded in March of 2006, is one of the most widely used social media platforms today, boasting over 187 million users worldwide.  Due to the immense sum of users, Twitter is the quintessential social media platform for digital marketing. You can grow your business using Twitter. Given the current climate of competition in the world of business it is vital to cover your virtual grounds as it is increasingly difficult to gain traction and attention for your business.

Grow Your Business Using Twitter

Considering Twitter as a marketing tool will boost your business exponentially, if you are using it correctly and have identified the best ways to reach your target market through Twitter. If you are considering making use of Twitter as a platform to grow your business, here is what you need to be doing in order to ensure success.

Actively Market Your Business

The first step in Twitter marketing is to make use of active marketing. This requires you to proactively engage with your target market in order to keep them interested as opposed to passive marketing, which can be effective, but only to a limited extent and is not nearly as effective as active marketing. In order to actively market your business, you need to pay attention to how you construct your Twitter bio. This must include keywords that are descriptive of your business and what customers might be searching on Twitter.

These keywords attract new followers and provides Twitter with information about your business and therefore allows Twitter to show your account to people who might follow . Keep these keywords to a precise minimum to ensure that your account is being advertised to your target market. Another way to grow your following, is to use the search function on Twitter and find people talking about your niche. It is important to make your account known in your niche. Twitter can be a difficult task for a busy businessperson.

A tool like Twesocial can help with this. Twesocial is a growth service that will grow your following for you. It will assign a case manager to your account and from there, they will ensure more exposure and increase your followers without the use of bots. They will also ensure that your followers are active and relevant to your niche. The service guarantees new, relevant followers and exponential growth.

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Tweet as Much as You Can

Being active on social media is the only way to gain and maintain new followers, which is the first step to grow your business using Twitter. When using this social marketing platform, it is important to tweet as much relevant content as possible. Do some quick competitive analysis and find your “sweet spot” for the amount of times you should be tweeting per day. This will vary depending on your location and your target audience.

If you are unsure of how much to tweet in a day, a general rule is to tweet more rather than less, too much is far better than too little. Whilst the amount of content you post is important, it is also important that you time your tweets with a posting schedule.  You want your audience to be awake and paying attention whilst you are tweeting to make sure you receive maximum engagement.

Generally, the best time to tweet is in the afternoons during the week. With all the effort of carefully timed tweets, it is also important to put in that tiny bit of extra effort to make use of hashtags. Hashtags are a way to make your tweets searchable on the app and will show your content to people who have searched the hashtags you have made use of in your tweets. Research shows that tweets with hashtags gain much more interaction than tweets without hashtags. Adding hashtags to your tweets is a simple, quick and effective way to get your tweets seen by as many people as possible. Without them, it is a lost opportunity to gain traction.

Create Engagement

Twitter uses an algorithm that heavily relies on engagement. This means the more you get people to interact with your account, the more twitter will advertise and boost your account. A really good way to create engagement to grow your business using Twitter is to make use of visuals.

Visuals are attractive to the eye and people will often stop to look at a picture or video, create polls that your followers can interact with, respond to your followers’ tweets and share their marketing content when it is relevant to your account, go live so allow for real time interaction and make use of twitter threads. Twitter threads are currently very popular and it is one of the better ways to stimulate traffic on your account.

Give People Free Stuff

People love free stuff, whether they need it or not. Sometimes people need an incentive and giving people free stuff encourages people to complete a call to action. By making use of giveaways, coupons and discounts, you encourage people to follow your account and engage with your content. The immense gain from giving away some free stuff is definitely well worth the small sacrifice.

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